10kg Falling Weight Shattered Rear Screen Of A Parked Car

Many of us staying in HDB flats may be familiar with occasional late-night ruckuses by our neighbours.

In such scenarios, some of us may choose to confront them personally or lodge a complaint with the police.

But one Ang Mo Kio (AMK) resident who was allegedly annoyed by the commoftion at the kopitiam below his flat decided to take matters into his own hands and threw a 10kg weight down his apartment.

Shattered parked car screen

The incident took place at block 443 along AMK Avenue 10 at around 10pm on Tuesday (26 Feb).

A bunch of diners were enjoying a birthday celebration at the kopitiam when they heard two sudden loud crashes.

Some witnesses even compared the crashes to loud “bomb explosions”.

Upon inspection, the group guessed that someone from above had thrown a 10kg weight down the block.

The weight had bounced off the kopitiam‘s tarp and struck the rear screen of a Hyundai car parked nearby, shattering it upon impact.


The weight then hit a tree nearby, chipping its bark before landing on a grass patch nearby.


Given its impact, many believe that the weight was tossed from a high floor.

Diners also suspect that the resident responsible for throwing the weight was triggered by the rowdy commotion at the kopitiam. 

Police report lodged

A police report was lodged shortly after the incident, and numerous police vehicles were seen at the scene shortly after.

The cops reportedly did a thorough search of the units above the kopitiam in an attempt to locate the suspect, but no arrests have been made thus far.

The kopitiam was also cordoned off for 3 hours to facilitate investigations.


Do not resort to killer litter

Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of this incident.

If the weight had landed on a passerby, it would have caused serious injuries, and even death.

So regardless of how triggered you may feel, never resort to killer litter.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.