Sengkang Pair Allegedly Laughs Off Mask Advice, But Covid-19 Rules Still Apply In Phase 2

Sengkang Couple Allegedly Laughed Off Advice To Put On Masks

While the opening of Phase 2 has finally allowed us to meet friends and family, the recent increase of community cases acts as a critical reminder that the battle against Covid-19 is far from over.

Therefore, it’s vital that we continue adhering to social distancing and mask measures when out in public.

A couple of cases have been spotted recently – in Sengkang in particular – of citizens who did not seem to follow the rules.

Sengkang couple allegedly disregarded mask-up reminders

According to a Facebook post made in the Singapore Eye group, a couple was spotted by a netizen at a Sengkang traffic junction around 6pm yesterday (5 Jul).


At first glance, perhaps the couple might’ve simply forgotten to put their masks on.

But according to the netizen, when another lady asked them to put masks on, the couple apparently laughed and smiled.


This is probably the one time where we don’t want to see smiles in public, since we shouldn’t be able to see them behind their masks.

Other mask-less cases spotted

Sadly, this was not the only instance reported in the Facebook group. One other netizen later posted a picture showing 4 ladies walking around Pasir Ris Park without masks.


Keep your masks on

With community cases expected to rise as businesses and entertainment outlets are set to reopen in the upcoming weeks, it is important for everyone to continue adhering to social distancing and mask measures when out in public.

Offenders found flouting distancing and mask measures face a first-time fine of up to $300.

Remember, nobody is a sovereign and an exception to the rules. We also need to mask up to not only keep ourselves safe, but also others around us.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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