Photos Of SGH Frontline Workers Take You Behind The Scenes Of Singapore’s Fight Against Covid-19

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues here in Singapore, our medical workers on the frontline are working hard to keep Singaporeans safe and healthy.

Yet when it comes to exactly what they do, we may not know much.

On Wednesday (19 Feb), Singapore General Hospital (SGH) took to Facebook to share pictures of their medical staff at work so Singaporeans can have a better understanding of what they do.

Check out their post below.

SGH frontline medical workers don PPE to prevent infection

In the tribute, SGH created the hashtag, #ThisIsOurFrontline, dedicated to the frontline workers at the hospital.

In their first post yesterday, they chose to feature medical workers from the Isolation Ward, Emergency Department, Pathology labs and pneumonia wards.

To protect themselves from infectious diseases, medical workers have to don personal protective equipment (PPE). Here’s an SGH nurse putting on her mask before starting her 12-hour shift.


Masks alone may not be enough. Some also have to wear face shields for additional protection.


To complete their getup, wear a gown to reduce exposure to possible infections.


Before they begin their rounds, staff will double check each others’ protective gear to ensure proper use.


Once they’re certain that everything is in place, they go about their daily duties.


Despite knowing precautionary measures like the backs of their hands, signs all around the hospital remind them to always be wary.


Such care and attention surely give the public confidence in the hospital.

SGH lab staff prepare Covid-19 test kits and test swabs

They even included rare pictures of staff in the laboratory. This is a member of SGH’s Department of Molecular Pathology preparing the necessary materials to test for Covid-19.


Here’s another staff waiting for the test results of swabs from suspected patients.


While most of us were spending time with family and friends, nurses returned on the second day of Chinese New Year to discuss the movement and flow of incoming patients.


SGH also included pictures of staff rest areas too — we really hope they get to use them!


Doctors and nurses received care packages

Since the start of the outbreak, doctors and nurses have been receiving care packages from members of the public.

Specifically, a team of 19 junior doctors who volunteered to work in the Isolation Ward 24/7, along with their supervising physicians received cards with words of thanks. They also received Strepsils to soothe their throats, and instant noodles for when they feel hungry.


The care packages apparently worked their magic. The team’s morale is high as they continue giving their all in their work.


An intimate look into the working life of SGH medical staff

SGH’s post definitely gave us a closer look into the working lives of their staff.

It’s not every day that you get to see exactly what goes on behind the scenes. These pictures really let Singaporeans empathise with the workers more, and perhaps they’ll spur more people to give these workers the respect they deserve.

We really can’t thank these frontliners enough for their contribution to the fight against Covid-19. They’re truly doing a noble service to Singapore, and they deserve nothing but our gratitude, validation, and recognition.

We hope they’re getting enough rest despite their workload, and that they’re keeping themselves healthy too.

Featured image adapted from Facebook