SGInstaBabes Plugs Ohana Singapore Which Uploads “Gender-Neutral Content”

Think you’ve heard the last of SGInstaBabes? It appears there’s been an interesting development.

On Thursday morning (6 Dec), SGInstaBabes allegedly uploaded a cryptic message on their Instastory, requesting their followers to check out a new page.

The Instastory has since expired since its initial viewing at 11am, but MS News understands that this was the page that followers were directed to.


A fresh start?

In the Instastory uploaded by SGInstaBabes, the group claimed that they are undergoing re-branding and will be posting “gender-neutral content” going forward.

Here’s a look at some of their latest uploads. We noticed that females still featured more frequently in their posts.

“What do you want for Christmas?”

“Wanna play with Xin Yi?”

“Life’s fun when you’re living on the edge!”

We also observed that Ohana Singapore’s account has been active since July 2017.

Here’s Ohana Singapore’s very first post:

So it’s possible that the Instastory posted, could have been done as a favour or a friendly follower shout-out.

SGInstababes has followed the account on Instagram.

Are they affiliated?

Meanwhile, SGInstaBabes founder Lai Wee Kiat (@fabodylous) has remained silent on social media thus far. However, he has previously mentioned that he will be stepping down from managing SGInstaBabes if they were to relaunch in the future.

We’ve reached out to both pages for comments on their alleged affiliation.

But since activity on the main SGInstaBabes account has been scarce, we’re all dying to find out if the page is truly SGInstaBabes 2.0.

In which case, we would think it’s a positive step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, do you think that the accounts are linked? Let us know down below.

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