SgInstaBabes Founder Allegedly Caught ‘Flirting’ With 15-Year-Old Over Text

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SgInstaBabes Founder Accused Of Inappropriate Behaviour Towards Minors

[UPDATE: 29 Aug] SgInstaBabes founder has addressed these allegations & will withdraw from managing the site if it goes live again. A brand revamp with stricter age-restrictions will be done as well.

Fresh off the back of the controversy stirred by SgInstaBabes’ Patreon effort, more dubious secrets have been unearthed.

In short, SgInstaBabes’ founder, Mr Lai Wee Kiat has been accused of flirting with a minor via inappropriate text messages.

And asking his employees to pretend to be subscribers of their Patreon page to inflate the numbers.

Here’s what Xiaxue and Dee Kosh uncovered after a night of internet sleuthing.

Flirtatious texts to a 15-year-old

After Mr Lai’s (@fabodylous) clarifications about his page, Xiaxue took to Insta-stories to post screenshot evidence that Mr Lai allegedly hit on a 15-year-old girl in 2016.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

The convo began with Mr Lai complimenting her bikini photo, and that her “bod is crazy hot” especially “for a 15 year old”.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

He also inquired about her relationship status, and claimed he loved her “innocence” as she had never dated.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Finally, he allegedly enticed her out on dates with him to USS, by offering to pay for them.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Persuading girls to do photoshoots

Dee Kosh also claimed he received screenshots of a convo between Mr Lai and another girl.

The texts appear to depict him convincing an unknown female to join him for photoshoots.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

He assured her that “Bikini is as far as we go”, photoshoots happen 3 times a month, and that they’d “rarely” ask her to “pose in bikini”.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

Mr Lai added that he didn’t understand “how being conservative” would affect her during their photoshoot.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

He also mentioned that she would be “the one who stands to lose”, and that he felt annoyed at her “lack of motivation”.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

Mr Lai then rejected a request to appear in an Insta-live video with Dee Kosh, claiming his front camera was damaged.

Verifying a phone number

In Xiaxue’s instance, Mr Lai initially denied that the texts were sent by him.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

However, Xiaxue verified his phone number with her own record and crosschecked it with Mr Lai’s number in Dee Kosh’s phone.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

Unfortunately for Mr Lai, the number does check out.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

Plus, it’s the same number Mr Lai used in an email signature for corporate SgInstaBabes emails.

Possible Patreon scam?

Finally, and perhaps most damning of all, Dee Kosh obtained this screenshot about Mr Lai.

Apparently, he had asked his employees with “access to a credit card” to sign up as a donor on their newly launched Patreon page.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

He advised them to cancel the subscription by 31 Aug, so they wouldn’t be charged.

Screenshot from @deekosh on Instagram

This was done in order to make it appear that they didn’t have “0 subscribers”.

Above 18 only

SgInstaBabes has maintained that they’ll only be “focusing on babes, beauty, above-18 events”, after their revamp.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

However, Xiaxue claims that one of the current girls featured is only 14 or 15.

Screenshot from @xiaxue on Instagram

She alleges that the girl’s photos are being “sneakily deleted” since the Patreon controversy began.

It’s key to note that SgInstaBabes’ and Mr Lai’s Instagram account have been disabled, as questions continue to mount about the legitimacy of their operations.

However, the Patreon page is still up at the time of writing, with 87 patrons and counting.

Mr Lai has addressed the allegations in a statement to Marketing Interactive on 29 Aug, read on for a summary here.

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An unhealthy symbiotic relationship

SgInstaBabes’ founder maintains that his work only focuses on showcasing the “beauty” of local babes.

But Dee Kosh has rightly pointed out that pictures of bikini-clad girls will only feed the imagination of audiences who objectify these ladies.

Enticing donors to contribute funds by giving them opportunities to hangout with the girls, may lead to morally ambiguous complications — especially if they are underage.

However, if these girls are doing the photoshoots willingly — this “symbiotic relationship”, no matter how questionable, looks set to continue for now.

Featured image from SgInstaBabes on Patreon and Xiaxue on Instagram.

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