Shopee’s 10.10 Sale Has Exclusive Promotions, Free Shipping & 10% Cashback From 29 Sep To 10 Oct

Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival Will Have 12 Days Of Exclusive Discounts

At this point, Shopee is either synonymous with their amusing Cristiano Ronaldo advert or a huge online market abuzz with daily deals on everything from apparel and cosmetics to kitchenware and electronics.

Starting end Sep, the homegrown e-commerce giant will be having the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival.

Held over 12 days – from 29 Sep to 10 Oct – the festival will feature 10 back-to-back Super Brand Days.


Each Super Brand Day will bring exclusive deals and promotions with brands like Innisfree, Samsung and FILA etc.

10 Super Brand Days starting on 30 Sep

As a preview to the Super Brand Days, the festival will hold its Brand Vouchers Day on 29 Sep, where you get to win vouchers from participating super brands.

These include Shopee Mall vouchers as well as cashback vouchers, with limited “upsized” vouchers available at 12am and 12pm. On top of that, there will also be brand vouchers up to $35 off from all categories, up for grabs the whole day.

30 Sep is when the exclusive promotions sweep in. Each Super Brand Day will feature an in-app takeover by the respective brand, and the whole app’s interface will morph to highlight the brand exclusively for 24 hours.

And yes, this means exclusive discounts for each brand on their respective Super Brand Day.

Here’s a quick rundown of the brands featured on each day:

  • 30 Sep — Innisfree
  • 1 Oct — Colgate
  • 2 Oct — Pacific Beverages
  • 3 Oct — Kao
  • 4 Oct — 3M
  • 5 Oct — KitchenAid
  • 6 Oct — SK Jewelry
  • 7 Oct — FILA
  • 8 Oct — Philips
  • 9 Oct — Samsung

Here’s a quick preview so you’ll know what to expect during those Super Brand Days.

Philips 4K Ultra Slim LED Smart TV


4K graphics, doesn’t take up too much space, connects to the Internet and very importantly, Netflix. This Smart TV usually goes for about $1,700, but on 8 Oct and 10 Oct, the price will be cut down by almost 50% to $959.

Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Foam Cleanser 150ml


Made from Jeju Pomegranate, this facial cleanser will not only remove impurities lodged in pores but also give your face that much sought-after glow. A 150ml bottle will be going at a 10% discount on 30 Sep and 10 Oct.

Colgate Plax Peppermint Mouthwash 1L [Bundle of 4]


Colgate mouthwash. It stings a little, but it helps a lot — especially with keeping your breath fresh. A bundle of 4 1-litre bottles will be going at a 36% discount during the festival, which brings the price down from $38 to $24.50.

FILA Female DISRUPTOR II Leather Shoes


These kicks made from cow leather will be going for just $169 on 7 and 10 Oct. Note that this model’s sizes fit smaller, so it would be safer to get a pair that’s half size or one size larger than usual.

Free shipping with no min spend & 10% cashback 

For the entire duration of the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, there will be free shipping with no min. spend for all items with the free shipping label plus 10% cashback on all items with the 10% cashback label.

That’s basically an extra 10% discount on all items.

If you’ve read till this point, you’ve struck yourself a small pot of gold. Use the promo code “MSN1010” for an additional $7 off with a minimum spending of $15 for first time customers. This code is valid till 30 April 2020.

Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival on 10 Oct

Once the 10 Super Brand Days conclude, it’s time for the grand finale — the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival.

The 1-day event where even more items get their prices slashed will probably see lots of things going off the shelf really quickly.

So it’s best that you do your browsing now and get ready to toss all items on your wishlist into the shopping cart for a quick and fuss-free checkout.

For more information about the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival, visit Shopee.

The post is brought to you in collaboration with Shopee.

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