Shopee Customer Doesn’t Receive Order, CCTV Shows Woman Taking Photo Of Parcel & Leaving

Shopee Customer Wants To Resolve Alleged Undelivered Parcel Issue With Delivery Partner

UPDATE (5 Jun, 2.25pm): J&T Express has reached out to MS News to notify that the courier in question isn’t affiliated with them.

Shopee clarified that the delivery person was doing her due diligence in ensuring the parcel was correctly delivered. You can read their statement below.

As the pandemic continues, many homebound Singaporeans have turned to online shopping to get whatever they need delivered to their doorsteps.

More often than not, our parcels arrive on time and in good condition. Unfortunately for a Shopee customer, his order never arrived despite CCTV footage of delivery partners standing outside his home.


He shared the footage on Facebook yesterday (4 Jun), expressing his grievances.

Shopee delivery partner takes photo of parcel for verification

In the video clip, 2 women can be seen loitering in front of what seems to be a locked shoebox.


While the lady in black with a parcel in her hands rang the doorbell, the other appeared to be fiddling with the padlock on the shoebox. From the Facebook post, it’s likely that the latter was doing so to open the shoebox and place the parcel inside.

The lady in black proceeded to seemingly snap a photo of the parcel, perhaps as proof of delivery.

After her companion managed to unlock the shoebox, the duo spent several seconds in conversation.


The lady in white then re-locked the shoebox, without the parcel inside, while her partner placed the said item back into their tote bag.


They both sauntered off, evidently without delivering the parcel.

Customer reports incident to Shopee agent

Recounting the events that transpired, the customer brought the incident to the attention of the Shopee customer service agent and notified them of the non-delivery.

In the inquiry, the agent named a certain courier company that they claimed had arranged to deliver the product.

However, in a statement to MS News, the courier company explained that there was a miscommunication between the agent and customer. They have since investigated the matter and concluded that the courier is not affiliated with them.

They also shared their understanding that Shopee is in contact with the customer to resolve the issue.

Be that as it may, the customer’s Facebook post appeals to the public to share details of the 2 ladies in the video footage with him so he could seek a resolution privately before resorting to making a police report.

Order received correctly in the end, says Shopee

Responding to MS News‘ queries, Shopee said the customer has clarified that he’s received his order correctly.

They explained that the delivery person was doing her due diligence in ensuring that the parcel was delivered to the right address.

Hope customer receives compensation

It’s distressing to entertain the thought of our parcels never reaching us. The products we have been waiting for so excitedly being pilfered away so easily.

We hope that Shopee can help shed light on the incident and identify the 2 women in the video. We also sincerely hope that the customer receives some sort of compensation.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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