Teens Caught Shoplifting At Bukit Batok Minimart, Stranger Offers To Pay For Stolen Items

Stranger Offers To Cover Cost Of Stolen Items From Bukit Batok Minimart

Three teenagers allegedly stole several items from a minimart in Bukit Batok recently. CCTV cameras in the shop captured footage of their actions.

Source: Facebook

In response, an individual has offered to pay for the shoplifted goods, in a rare example of kindness in Singapore.

Teenagers steal from Bukit Batok minimart

A netizen posted pictures of the incident to Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Thursday (6 Oct).

In the images, three teenagers take various items off the shelves of the minimart.

Source: Facebook

The OP added in a separate comment that these involved one bottle of Absolut vodka and a cup of mashed potatoes from Maggi.

Source: Facebook

The teenagers then vacated the premises with their loot.

Source: Facebook

The OP urged them to confess to the crime within the next two days to avoid having the actual footage posted online.

They also warned other minimarts in the surrounding area to remain vigilant in light of the incident.

Stranger offers to cover cost of damages

Fortunately, not everything about the minimart’s situation is as dire.

Another netizen has commented under the post, offering to cover the cost of the stolen items for the three teenagers.

Source: Facebook

The OP has also received praise for withholding footage of the incident, giving the teenagers the chance to claim responsibility for the incident.

Source: Facebook

After all, they could have adopted a much harsher stance towards the children but chose not to.

MS News has reached out to the OP of the post for more information on the matter.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore on Facebook.

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