Those On MC Or SHN Who Don’t Wear Masks To The Clinic Risk Facing Up To $10,000 Fine Or 6 Months’ Jail

Complying with safety guidelines amidst a global health crisis is no joke, and the Singapore government is proving that.

In a new safety measure, those on a 5-day medical leave (MC) or 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) must wear a mask when going out to see a doctor.


While this sounds obvious, many may not have been doing it, which is why breaching the rule has now become a punishable offence, according to The Straits Times (ST) on Sunday (29 Mar).

Individuals under movement control like MC & SHN affected

According to ST, the Ministry of Health (MOH) added the policy in a recent revision of the Infectious Diseases Act yesterday (28 Mar).

Effective immediately, the offence will be punishable for the following groups, particularly those who are:

  • serving SHN
  • on 5-day MC for acute respiratory symptoms
  • close contacts of Covid-19 cases & in self-isolation

These individuals are technically subject to movement control measures as they have to stay indoors at all times.

They can only leave their homes to seek medical attention, in which case they must wear a mask.


Those who fail to do so would be in breach of the law, and risk facing up to a $10,000 fine, 6-month jail term, or both.

Be responsible & wear masks to visit the doctor even when on MC

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking a rather serious turn, we should take all government advisories very seriously.

Wearing a mask to the clinic while unwell is the least we can do as responsible citizens.

Since they are quite easily available now too, why not get some on hand just in case? But remember not to overbuy, and leave some for others.

Let’s play our part to protect the health and safety of our community, so we can overcome this crisis together.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.