You Can Now Walk 10,000 Steps/Day For 3GB Mobile Data With Singtel AIA’s New Scheme

Get 5,000 Steps For 1 Extra GB Data From Singtel

We believe that more is always better when it comes to mobile data and exercise. If you think the same, then we’ve got an awesome deal for you.

Singtel has collaborated with insurance group AIA to launch the StepUp rewards programme. This lets users earn points for walking and redeeming up to 3GB of mobile data.


Those who love brisk walking or going for marathons, here’s how you can earn more data.

3GB for 10,000 steps/day

Commuters will be happy to know that more walking means more data.

Those who walk 5,000 to 7,500 steps/day for a month can get 1GB of mobile data, while users who walk 10,000 steps/day can get up to 3GB.

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The company plans to launch more content related to fitness, wellness, and nutrition to encourage more Singaporeans to exercise.

Singtel’s Singapore consumer chief Mr Yuen Kuan Moon said in a press release,

We want to encourage healthy lifestyles and wellness, and with StepUp, customers will be rewarded for their efforts to keep fit.

The company hopes that the programme will impact users who have sedentary lifestyles.

How to activate StepUp on Singtel

According to Singtel, getting started is a fast and easy process.

Once you open the Singtel app, activate StepUp by clicking on the top banner located from the homepage.


Next, start walking and sync your steps within the month.


You can earn points and hit milestones to redeem rewards for the next month.


Make sure that you’ve updated MySingtel app’s version 7.5. Cellular needs to be switched on and WiFi must be switched off so that your mobile number can be identified.

Lifestyle rewards

Besides free mobile data, StepUp is set to offer rewards from Puma, SingSaver and AIA.


If you join the lucky draw at the Singtel website, you’ll have a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) or Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE.


From 1 Aug, fitness enthusiasts can also claim lifestyle rewards by accomplishing the AIA Vitality Challenge on StepUp. These rewards include gourmet coffee, Golden Village and Grab vouchers.

Upcoming rewards also include fitness tips from SingSaver, Puma perks, and DNA kits from GeneLife.


Live a healthy lifestyle

The StepUp rewards programme may just encourage Singaporeans to be active instead of being attached to their electronic devices.

Exercise has loads of health benefits and we’re hoping we can earn them too as we accomplish more StepUp milestones.

How many steps do you plan to walk per day? Let us know your fitness goals in the comments so we can encourage more locals to exercise consistently.

Featured image from Instagram and Singtel.

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