SMU student who erased exam scripts bought a keylogger from Sim Lim Square

A Singapore Management University (SMU) post-graduate used a USB hardware keylogger bought from Sim Lim Square to hack into his professors’ accounts to delete his exam papers. He plugged in the USB hardware keylogger into his professors’ computers to get their usernames and passwords.

32-year-old Georgy Kotsaga then used the information to log into SMU’s eLearn system and delete 19 examination scripts, including his own. This was after he realised that he would not do well in the examination.

On Wednesday, (17 Feb) the postgraduate law student from Russia was sentenced to jail for two months.

Cheating device: Keylogger

A keylogger is a computer programme that can record every keystroke made. It can be used to get access to passwords, credit-card details, confidential data, emails and any information that you type using your keyboard.

Keyloggers are available in small hardware device like USBs or in softwares. Hardware keyloggers can start recording from the moment the computer is being used.

So, why this product is being sold freely?

As a Reddit Singapore user put is, Sim Lim selling this product to any person is already rather questionable.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.14.32 pm


While Sim Lim is beginning to look more and more like a lawless place, the fact is that USB keyloggers do have some legal uses. For example, parents can monitor their children’s Internet activities, and employers can monitor employee work to make sure confidential information is not leaked.

Georgy Kotsaga used a keylogger last year and used his iPhone to access the prohibited accounts and deleted all the exam scripts. But his failed fell apart because of SMU’s IT system, which made real-time backup of the scripts.

Now, if only he had put his creativity to better use.

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With reference to The Straits Times