Starbucks Korea Releases Polar Bear Mugs & Tumblers So Cute, You Can’t Bear To Drink From Them

Starbucks Korea Has Polar Bear Series As Part Of Their Winter Collection

Other than their freshly brewed coffees, Starbucks is also well-known for their seasonal merchandises rolled out in every quarter of the year.

In July this year, Starbucks took South Korea by storm with the Summer Firefly series.


Now that winter is coming to South Korea, a new collection is due, and this time, it’s Polar Bear themed.


Starbucks Korea polar bear themed mugs, tumblers & more

Starbucks Korea’s winter Polar Bear collection has a variety of merchandises ranging from mugs to thermos flasks, all in adorable polar bear prints.


Here are a few items in their winter collection that are too aegyo to resist.

Snow-themed mugs for a white Christmas vibe

Giving mugs as gifts has become a norm, perhaps because they are a necessity in almost everyone’s lives.

In case you’re thinking of giving someone a mug this Christmas, Starbucks Korea has got you covered.


Ranging from polar bears to glacial designs , these cute mugs are definitely a must-have in everyone’s extensive mug collection.


The cool blue hues and snowy white bears will give you the white Christmas vibes that sunny Singapore can’t have.

Chic, crystal-clear glasses & bottles

But if you prefer something more chic, Starbucks Korea’s winter collection has see-through, glass tumblers too.


These may be fragile, but they’ll look so pretty once you fill them up with all sorts of flavoured beverages.


Imagine your cold brew bringing the illustrations or that glass bear jar to life – that’ll surely brighten your evening kopi sessions.

Wintry tumblers for piping hot drinks

Since Singapore has been experiencing our own tropical winter of sorts with heavy rains, a tall glass of piping hot teh or kopi is the perfect comfort drink.

Now you can have either in one of these cute Starbucks Korea tumblers which show furry creatures getting cozy in the cold weather.


Don’t get too excited just yet, these are only 4 of the 6 tumbler designs they have. But more on that later.

Pastel thermos flasks & containers

If you’re planning on camping in the air-conditioned office during lunch, these pastel thermos flasks will make the ideal company.

Keep your homemade soup or drink warm all day, so you can get through work in utter bliss.


Imagine gulping down some warm and soothing herbal soup or tea while drudging through a hectic work day.

Carriers & keychains to up the cuteness level

Besides the extensive collection above, Starbucks Korea’s winter collection also has polar bear themed coasters, muddlers, keychains and even bags.


There are so many cool items available so you’ve got to check it out for yourselves. You can view the entire Starbucks Korea Winter Polar Bear collection here.

Starbucks Korea polar bear collection available for order

We have reached out to Starbucks Singapore to check if these cute merchandise will be available in stores here.

But for now, you can get these merchandise from Airfrov. And they can even ship them directly to Singapore for you.

Pre-orders have already started and will be ending on Tuesday (5 Nov). The products will arrive straight from South Korea, so you can trust that they’re the real deal.

They can be a little pricey, ranging from S$16 – S$90, but hey, what’s a bit of money now for a lifetime of polar bear cuteness?

With that, here’s wishing everyone a Beary Merry Christmas.


Happy shopping!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Instagram

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