Dragon Studio Will Partner With STB To Film K-Dramas In Singapore

Korean dramas, popularly known as k-dramas, have captured the imaginations of millions as part of the Hallyu Wave.

And the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) recognises this, naturally. Many Singaporeans make their way to Korea every year, and considerable numbers of Koreans also come here.

Now, they’re hoping to get more Koreans here — by partnering with a Korean drama studio to feature Singapore in their K-dramas.

On Wednesday (9 Dec), STB signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Studio Dragon Corporation for 3 years.

You may be familiar with some of their works like Crash Landing on You.

As part of the deal, Studio Dragon will film k-dramas in Singapore when border restrictions are eased.

Dragon Studio will partner STB to film k-dramas in Singapore

Studio Dragon films several dramas yearly, such as the upcoming Sweet Home which’ll appear on Netflix soon.

The deal means that they’ll have Singapore as a backdrop in their future dramas.

Meanwhile, STB will advise Studio Dragon on where to film in Singapore, as well as what products and cultures to feature.

Soon, k-drama fans will be able to see majestic Singapore and their oppas on screen.

A match made in heaven, perhaps.

Making Singapore attractive via k-dramas

Given the reach that k-dramas have, not just in Korea but also overseas, it seems like it’d be a win-win to have our scenery included in them.

STB clearly seems to think so, as STB CEO Mr Keith Tan said:

“Korean dramas are immensely popular around the world, and we hope this will generate more interest and conversations about Singapore.”

Crash Landing on You was produced by Studio Dragon

He also hopes that this deal will help to get our tourism sector booming again, after 2020 figuratively decimated it with a sledgehammer.

Look out for Singapore in a k-drama near you

While there’s no exact start date for Studio Drama to begin filming, we expect to see them in the near future here.

Fans might even get a glimpse of their favourite actors and actresses here while they’re filming.

In any case, this is a great opportunity to put Singapore on the world map.

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Featured image adapted from Netflix and MS News.