S’pore Family Needs Extra Stools For Hari Raya Gathering, Neighbours Happily Offer Theirs

BTO Neighbours Generously Offer Stools For Family’s Hari Raya Event

We often underestimate how important our neighbours are to us. After all, when we need help, they’re the first ones we can turn to.

On Tuesday (24 May), Singapore Kindness Movement or @kindnesssg on TikTok shared a video of generous neighbours who shared their stools with a family living on the same level.

The caption described the heartwarming incident as how “a group of neighbours in a BTO estate rallied together in an exchange of kindness”.


In this festive season of hari raya, a group of neighbours in a BTO estate rallied together in an exchange of kindness! Check out this heartwarming video. Share your neighbourly stories with us in the comments section! #kindnesssg #BeGreaterSG

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The family returned the favour by giving out loaves of bread to their neighbours.

When TikTok viewers saw their heartwarming interactions, they applauded their kampung spirit.

Neighbours helped out when family needed stools for Hari Raya

In the TikTok video posted by @kindnesssg, a screenshot of a Telegram group chat named “Lv 17 neighbours” showed the likely conversation between the neighbours prior to their exchange.

One of the members appeared to have sent a text asking if anyone could loan some spare stools to them the next day for Hari Raya guests.

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

In response, their neighbours declared themselves their “stool support team” and started collecting the stools they could spare. The video included a clear shot of the stools the neighbours had collected.

neighbours stools

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

After using the stools, the family returned them to their generous neighbours, though they didn’t come empty-handed.

In the video, a woman from the family recorded herself carrying two long loaves of bread in her arms. The caption stated that she was giving them to her neighbours to return their kind gesture.

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

When she greeted her neighbours with the stools and bread, they welcomed her with a big smile.

Singaporeans applaud residents’ kampung spirit

In the comments section, many were touched by the kindness shown between the residents and commended their kampung spirit.

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

Another TikToker, perhaps a tad jealous of the residents’ wholesome relationship, lamented that even though they were on good terms with their neighbours, their interactions were brief.

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

Someone else even quipped that they would not move into their supposedly new home if their future neighbours were not “like this”.

neighbour stools

Source: @kindnesssg on TikTok

Our kampung spirit can still exist in modern HDB flats

It is heartening to see neighbours being so willing to help each other without any hesitation.

Even though most of us now live in modern, high-rise buildings, this shouldn’t stop us from assisting one another when we can.

We should all strive to be considerate and helpful neighbours who aim to spread joy in our community.

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Featured image adapted from @kindnesssg on TikTok.

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