Taiwanese Man Gets Diabetes After Drinking Super Sweet Coffee For 730 Days To Woo A Girl

Taiwanese Guy Orders 5 Spoonfuls Of Sugar With His Coffee Every Day For 2 Years

Love, affection; call it what you will. But it is a heady tonic all the same — one that drives the best of us insane and clouds our judgement.

To one Taiwanese guy, love apparently drove him straight to the cold, cruel world of diabetes.

All thanks to a piping hot cup of coffee from 7-Eleven, with 5 spoonfuls of sugar, consumed every day.

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Why the strange, extra sweet diet, you ask. Over a girl, of course — as told by the Taiwanese guy on Chinese forum Dcard on Monday (17 Jun).


Sit down, boys. This is a saccharine tale of perseverance and caution, so you know what NOT to do when it comes to chasing girls.

Wanted her attention by ordering unusually sweet coffee

The guy, presumably a student from Fu Jen Catholic University, wrote in Chinese:

I have something to tell you. When it comes to chasing girls, it’s all about perseverance for men.

2 years ago, I met a girl who started part-timing at the 7-Eleven downstairs from my place. 

I wanted to get her attention and deliberately bought a cup of latte with 5 spoonfuls of sugar.

She asked, “is this not too sweet?” I replied her coolly, “not as sweet as you.” 

She smiled shyly. From then on, I went to buy latte with 5 spoonfuls of sugar from her every day, without fail. 

2 years later, I have diabetes now. 

Poor dude. We wonder how he is doing at the moment.

Netizens narrate what Taiwanese guy should’ve done instead

Since the guy’s unfortunate story went viral on World Of Buzz, comments were pouring in on what he should have done instead of going down this tragically sugary route.

This Facebook user narrated the perfect alternate ending to the story, sans all the sugar.


Not that we are advocating wastage or anything, but this user does make some sense in the name of diabetes prevention.


There are no mincing of words with this user. He’s all about guts – or balls, if you prefer – when it comes to wooing a girl.


So, did he get the girl?

That’s one question we all have as the story’s ending, unfortunately, is untold.

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Whether he successfully got the girl or not, we really hope he’s okay. Judging from the way the story was written, it could also be a joke meant to spur online attention. Who knows?

Either way, let this be a lesson to us all. Don’t turn blind or extra sweet for love. Your health is most important.

After all, you do want to live a long life with your partner – ideally – after getting together with them, right?

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