Pritam Singh Gets $32K Monthly Pay As Opposition Leader, Chats With Tan Chuan-Jin On New Role

Tan Chuan-Jin Talks To Pritam Singh About Leader Of Opposition Role

Even though Tan Chuan-Jin is the anchor leader of the PAP-run Marine Parade GRC, his role as Speaker of the Parliament means he often interacts with opposition MPs.

On Tuesday (28 Jul), he met up with Pritam Singh over lunch and it seems they had plenty to discuss — from issues of furnishings in the Opposition Leader’s office to who takes better wefies.


Of course, this isn’t out of the ordinary for Mr Tan, who regularly catches up with opposition members while remaining a PAP stalwart.

Tan Chuan-Jin meets Pritam Singh to talk about Opposition Leader role

The 2 had a catch-up over lunch a day after Cabinet Ministers were sworn in to Parliament, along with opposition MPs.


On the agenda were details about the Leader of the Opposition (LO)’s role.

In a statement published today (28 Jul), authorities said that the LO will receive more information, more resources, and more responsibilities in shaping Singapore’s policies.

The person, in this case Mr Singh, will receive the following:

  • More time for speeches — 40 minutes as compared to 10-20
  • Governmental confidential briefings
  • Twice the pay of an elected MP — $32,000 a month or $385,000 a year
  • Allowance for up to 3 added legislative assistants, for a total of 4
  • A secretary to help in parliamentary business
  • An office and allowance to use a meeting room in Parliament House

The statement was published by the Speaker of Parliament – that’s Mr Tan – and Leader of the House, Grace Fu.

Because it’s a new role requiring a new office, they talked about stuff like office space and furniture.

Talked about football & supporting different clubs

Their chats weren’t just all about work though. Mr Pritam and Mr Tan also talked about GE2020 and politics, along with life in general.

While their football allegiances could not be more different – they support rival clubs Liverpool and Manchester United – on this occasion Mr Tan has the last laugh since Liverpool won the Premier League.

Regardless, he congratulated Mr Singh and Manchester United for finishing 3rd on Facebook.

Compared wefie skills

Of course, while there are photographers on hands, politicians do as the millenials and Gen Z-ers do and take wefies as well.


While Mr Tan said Mr Singh probably beats him out in terms of wefie skills, we’ll let you be the judge.


Unity in serving Singapore

Now that GE2020 is over, the focus will turn to Singapore and how to better it.

Singaporeans desire for more alternative policies in Parliament, and the LO’s increase in responsibilities will facilitate that.

Hence the goal of the Workers’ Party and NCMPs from the PSP is to work together with the Government.

Mr Singh and future LOs will also represent Singapore globally at international events, so all the more unity is needed, and we hope more of these friendly meetings take place outside of Parliament.

Of course, in Parliament we expect robust debates. But they should be good-spirited since we all want the same goal: for a better Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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