Teacher In China Poisons Kids Over Work Dispute, Gets Death Sentence

Teacher Poisons Porridge With Sodium Nitrite, 25 Kids Affected & She’s Sentenced To Death

Work disputes are inevitable at a workplace, but when they involve kids, we must take extra care to ensure the young aren’t affected by them.

Unfortunately for a kindergarten in China, one teacher’s plot turned awry and a boy tragically passed away.

Wang Yun, a kindergarten teacher in Henan Province, China, received the death sentence for poisoning porridge made for a colleague’s students.

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25 children suffered ill effects from the sodium nitrite, and 1 boy passed away.

All this over a revenge plot, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Teacher poisons porridge with sodium nitrate

The “revenge plot” came about after a workplace dispute with a colleague, also a teacher. Wang enacted her plan on 27 Mar 2019, BBC reports.

She used sodium nitrite, a food preservative. It can be lethal in larger doses — and children are naturally more adversely affected.


25 children started vomiting and fainting after eating the tainted porridge, which they said tasted salty.

One parent had to have his child’s stomach pumped.

And in these circumstances, 1 child ended up in hospital for months before passing away in Jan 2020.

Not the first time she used poison

In Mar 2017, she spiked her husband’s mug, leading to minor injuries, Global Times reported.

Apparently, she’d bought the sodium nitrite online.

Calling her methods “exceedingly bad”, as well as despicable, the court sentenced her to death.

Death sentences in China are carried out either by lethal injection or firing squad.

Rest in peace to the boy

Given Ms Wang knew the likely effects of spiking the porridge, having already done it once, it’d appear difficult to escape the death sentence.

The court also ordered her to compensate the families of those affected.

But no amount of compensation can make up for losing a son.

We mustn’t settle disputes in such a manner — the harm this can cause is sometimes irreversible.

MS News offer our condolences to the family of the boy, and may he rest in peace.

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