Teenager Climbs Into Dryer At Whampoa Laundromat, Dislodges Panel While Struggling To Get Out

Teenager Climbs Into Whampoa Laundromat Dryer & Friend Tries To Close Door, Police Report Made

For some reason, two teenage boys were fooling around at a laundromat in Whampoa and ended up damaging a machine.

It happened when one of them climbed into a dryer while the other tried to trap him inside.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

This resulted in the glass panel of the dryer being dislodged during the struggle.

‘Act of mischief’ committed on 23 Jan

In a Facebook post last Friday (27 Jan), MAMA Laundry, a laundromat in Whampoa Drive, said an “act of mischief” was committed on their premises.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

On 23 Jan at about 8.23pm, two teenagers visited their establishment, they said.

What happened next is clearly shown in silent CCTV footage that the laundromat shared on Facebook.

Teenager persuaded to go inside dryer twice at Whampoa laundromat

It starts off with a teenage boy in a green T-shirt approaching one of the dryers and opening its door.

With a mischievous grin, he calls his friend over.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

Somehow, he convinces the other boy to get into the dryer.

At least he’s smart enough to leave a leg outside to prevent his friend from shutting the door on him.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

However, after making it out of the dryer, he inexplicably gets persuaded to go in again.

This time, the boy in the green T-shirt puts one leg into the dryer, as if he’s about to go inside too.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

Teenager tries to trap his friend inside, panel dislodged

Of course, he doesn’t. Instead, he closes the door on the other boy, as if trying to trap him inside.

The plan is thwarted by the quick reflexes of the boy inside, who uses his leg to stop the door from closing fully.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

As the boy outside applies pressure, the boy inside uses both legs to press on the door’s panel.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

This prompts the boy outside to use even more pressure to try to close the door, and the predictable happens — the glass panel gives way.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

The boy in the green T-shirt then runs off.

To his credit, the other boy tries to fix the damage by reattaching the dislodged panel.

Source: MAMA Laundry on Facebook

However, after two attempts, the panel keeps falling off, so he gives up and walks away.

Laundromat makes police report

The laundromat called the teens out, saying that what they did was a “very dangerous act”.

Stressing that they don’t condone abuse or misuse of their machines, the laundromat filed a police report against the teenagers and a female friend of theirs.

She wasn’t in the footage, but was taking a video of the boys, said the laundromat.

Hopefully, the business will be adequately compensated for the damage done to their dryer.

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Featured image adapted from MAMA Laundry on Facebook.

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