‘How can people live in this kind of condition?’: Tenants leave West Coast condo unit in a mess

Tenants were three female students who rented West Coast condo unit for a year but left early

A Singapore real estate agent was left exasperated after his tenants left a mess in a condo unit under his charge.

Upon inspection of the unit, which is in West Coast, he discovered personal items and garbage strewn everywhere.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

Agent shares mess left by tenants in West Coast condo

The agent, Mr Eric Yeo, shared the mess left by his tenants in a TikTok video posted last Wednesday (1 May).

In the clip, which has already gained more than 280,000 views, he said that it was “checkout day” for the tenants of a unit in Parc Riviera, along West Coast Vale.

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This basically means that his tenants, a group of students, were supposed to move out on that day.

They were also expected to leave the premises in a decent condition.

Tenants left personal belongings in West Coast condo

However, when Mr Yeo entered the front door, it was obvious that the tenants had left several of their personal belongings behind, with items strewn haphazardly.

This included a mattress comforter scrunched up in the living room, next to a side table with two water bottles on it.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

There were also paper bags and a box on the floor and three containers full of items on the sofa.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

“So what am I going to do with all these?” he asked.

Kitchen was in worse condition

In the kitchen, a worse sight awaited him.

There were pots and pans still on the stove, as well as half-opened packets of food, half-filled sauce bottles, and empty food packaging on the counter.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

Face masks and random knickknacks were found in the kitchen cabinet drawers.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

Inside the fridge were tubs of ice cream and half-eaten jars of food. There were also packets of ingredients that were already opened.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

But the pièce de résistance was the sink, which was dirty and had a faucet that was skewed to one side, possibly broken.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

All this made the agent wonder aloud:

How can people live in this kind of condition?

Panties found in bedroom, light broken in toilet

Over in the bedroom, Mr Yeo saw more personal items left behind, including a pair of white panties draped on a hanger.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

A few tote bags and a backpack were found behind the door.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

In a toilet, a light bulb appeared to have fallen out from its socket, leaving behind exposed wires.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

The toilet bowl seemed to be in less-than-pristine condition, too, with brown stains all over.

Source: @ericyeoofficial on TikTok

The only saving grace was that the master bedroom was in “decent” condition, he said.

Agent vows to charge higher deposit the next time

Considering the state of the unit, Mr Yeo said it would be “tough” to hand it over to the next tenant.

When he handed over the condo to them it was in a “superb tip-top condition”, he said, asking why they now “torture” him in this manner by handing over a unit that was filthy and in disarray.

He said in future, he will “charge more security deposit than the usual rate” if students wanted to rent from him.

West Coast condo was rented to three female tenants from overseas

Mr Yeo later told Shin Min Daily News that the three-bedroom unit had been rented out to three 20-something-year-old female students from overseas.

They paid S$5,500 a month and were supposed to stay there for a year starting from July last year, he said.

However, they ended their occupancy early in April as their university course lasted only 10 months.

Thus, they forfeited their security deposit, which was worth one month’s rental.

On 30 April, Mr Yeo had agreed that both he and the tenants would be present to hand over the unit.

However, they went back home on that day itself.

He didn’t know about the mess they had left behind until he entered the unit.

Cleaning & servicing estimated to cost about S$2,000

Mr Yeo later managed to get hold of one of the tenants, who told him she would discuss the matter with the other two and get back to him.

However, he has not heard from them since.

The unit will be rented out to the next tenant in July, he said, and in the meantime he’s responsible for cleaning, air-con servicing and garbage disposal to get it ready.

He estimated it would cost about S$2,000, and he has asked the previous tenants whether they’d be willing to pay.

Tenants are supposed to make sure the premises are clean before checking out, he added, and if they needed help, they should’ve asked him in advance.

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