S’poreans Can Travel To Thailand For Leisure, Must Have Special Visas & Stay 90 Days

Special Tourist Visas Allow Singapore Residents To Stay In Thailand For 90 Days Including Quarantine

Though Singapore has had several travel agreements already, travelling for leisure is still a faraway dream in this pandemic. However, our close neighbour Thailand has allowed it on several conditions — that tourists acquire special Visas, and stay for a longer period.


Considering the serious health and safety concerns, this could still be good news for those who have much time to spare.

Visitors with Visas must stay in Thailand at least 90 days

Envision a getaway and you’d likely be counting a maximum span of 2 weeks in a large country or continent.

But if you’re planning one to Thailand soon, your stay might have to be much longer.

According to the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore, Singapore residents can enter the country if they’ve applied for the Special Tourist Visa (STV), which came into effect on 7 Oct.


Once they’ve obtained the Visa, they must stay for at least 90 days, including the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Those who wish to apply for the Visa online can visit the embassy’s website here.

Certificate of Entry required along with Visa

Before you prepare all the necessary documents for the Visa, take note of another online application you’ll have to make.

Along with your passport and other forms, you’ll also need a Certificate of Entry (COE), which you can apply for via the same link as the Visa application.

Since processing everything will probably take some time, you must apply at least 10 working days before your departure.

Prepare well in advance before travelling

A final key point to note is that Thailand will only allow travellers who fly on a semi-commercial Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight.

You should thus make sure to book your tickets with them before making other plans.


While the STV will be effective till 30 Sep 2021, the Thai Public Health Ministry will revise the eligibility every 15 days.

So before you submit any applications, we’d suggest checking the Royal Thai Embassy’s website well in advance.

Resume travels safely to other countries

The resumption of travels may be a sign of situations improving, but we should not take the privilege for granted.

As infection risks are still pertinent, remember to look up other countries’ Covid-19 rules before travelling there.

We’ve worked hard to restore some semblance of normalcy — let’s not take any steps back from where we are.

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Featured image adapted from Skytrax.

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