TheLorry App Lets You Book Vans & Lorries To Move Your Kampung Instantly From $40

TheLorry App Lets You Hire Home Movers Instantly

Every once in a while, we’ll need to move something huge — an office table, a fridge, a piano. Maybe you’re shifting to a new house, a new office, a new dorm, or just moving things around for fun.

Unfortunately, those hulking home accessories aren’t going to fit the trunk of your car.

TheLorry lets you hire vans and lorries big enough for them.

TheLorry App

The app works pretty much like those that let you scoot from one place to another with a few simple clicks — you know which ones.

Except with TheLorry, you get a truck with a spacious cargo bed instead of a passenger car.

You can also book through their website if you don’t like fiddling on a tiny phone screen.


Partnerships with big names

When your goods are in someone else’s hands, you’d want to be sure that that someone else is qualified.

TheLorry has partnered with several big names including Grand Hyatt and carnival organiser Uncle Ringo.

So rest assured that the drivers are more than qualified, certified and experienced to handle even your prized 100-year-old mahogany piano.

Hire trucks of the right sizes

Not every item will require the largest sized lorry. Besides, hiring a mover isn’t as cheap as hiring a cab — you’ll want to maximise space and save costs.

TheLorry gives you 3 vehicle types to choose from:

  • 8 feet cargo van (less than 500 kg)
  • 10 feet lorry (500 to 1,000 kg)
  • 14 feet lorry (1,000 to 3,000 kg)

A hulking 10-feet lorry

Pay attention to how long your items are. They can be light, but if they’re as long as bamboo poles, you might need a lorry instead of a van.

If you’re still not sure which to pick, you can ring up their customer service for some advice.

Hire movers at $60 per person, per trip

Getting the goods from point A to B is one thing, but getting them up the stairs or into a room requires more than a truck with a spacious cargo bed.

You’ll need strong, steady human hands. TheLorry gives you the option of hiring movers for a standard price of $60 per person.

Additional costs may, however, apply depending on things like whether there’s a loading bay or cargo lift at the pick-up and drop-off locations.


Prices are fixed & transparent

Since all the options are laid bare for checking and unchecking, you’ll know exactly what every cent is going to.

At the time of booking, the price will be fixed. If it’s $70, it’s $70.

Should you find the driver haggling you for an extra $10 that he calls a ‘processing fee’, you’ve probably got the wrong mover.

Discounted packages for quick bookings

While having more options is great, it also means more decision-making. And decision-making is tiring.

TheLorry offers 4 packages, which bundle a vehicle, manpower and other services together for a fixed, discounted price.


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By the way, did we mention that their ‘mascot’ is a Clarke Kent-like character with super speed, strength, a set of swanky dance moves, and a penchant for helping people move things?


So if you still need to move that 100-year-old mahogany piano, you know who to call.

Telephone: (+65) 3138 9164
Office hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon – Sat)

This post is brought to you in collaboration with TheLorry.

Featured image courtesy of TheLorry.

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