TheSmartLocal Generation Gap Series Puts Singaporeans Of Different Ages To The Test

We often hear Gen Z and Millennials teasing older folks for their ‘boomer behaviour‘.

But between Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers, and Seniors, who is actually the most skilled? Does experience really trump youthfulness?

That’s exactly what TheSmartLocal (TSL) series, Generation Gap, aims to find out, as they pit 3 generations against each other in challenges to see how they fare.

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All in good fun, the light-hearted competition sees the 3 generations bond as they struggle through challenges like taking kopi orders and cutting a durian open.

Participants challenge each other in uniquely local skills

The 6-episode series Generation Gap puts challengers of different generations to the test as they try their hand at various local trades.

Like in episode 1 where a Gen Z, her mum, and grandma try being tour guides at Chinatown.


Some episodes even feature more specialised trades, like that of a durian seller where the generations discover that opening up a durian is some thorny business.


In episode 6, participants even get to try to beat the record of a skilled fishball maker.


Through that challenge, they find that it takes more than just being a master in the kitchen to make some fishballs.

Differences between generations shine through

But perhaps the biggest draw of this series is seeing the differences between generations play out through the challenges.

It was evident even in the 1st episode when the Gen Z corrects her mum on how a photo should be taken.


A feeling many millennials and Gen Zs know all too well.

But we also get to see how experience and knowledge play to the older generation’s advantage in episode 2 where a Gen Z, a millennial, and their mother compete to be a kopi runner.

When asked about drinks, mum expertly lists out a slew of kopitiam drink orders while the Gen Z and millennial watch on in awe.


Clearly, each generation has their strengths and weaknesses.

Even through simpler challenges like assembling an IKEA chair or packing a suitcase in episodes 3 and 5 respectively, the stark differences show.

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In both episodes, the younger ones prove that although they may have less experience, they’re quick to learn and adapt to difficult situations.

Competitive family fun makes it entertaining

The added dose of family generational competitiveness makes the series great fun to watch.

Besides trying to come out tops, family members young and old also had the chance to tease and mess with one another.

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And many from the older generations not only proved to be adept at winning the challenges, they also won the hearts of viewers.

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From cute ah mas to cheeky dads, netizens love the series for the personalities in them.

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And of course, the heartwarming sight of family members from different generations simply having fun together is an added bonus.

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Watch the Generation Gap series on TheSmartLocal

At the end of it all, Generation Gap is as it’s name suggests, about generation gaps. But it’s also so much more than that.

Even through the competitiveness, family members evidently care for one another greatly.

From helping their dialect-speaking grandma translate or conspiring together to beat another family member, it’s all humorously heartwarming.

So if you’re looking for a series that is informative yet entertaining, do check out the Generation Gap series here.

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