Tiffany & Co’s Atas Advent Calendars For Christmas Will Make You Laugh In Poor

Tiffany & Co’s Advent Calendars For Sale At S$182,000, Only 4 Of Them Available In The World

From chocolates to beauty products, advent calendars are getting more extravagant each year.

For those who aren’t sure what an advent calendar is, it’s a large ornamental box with 24 columns worth of gifts to open everyday before Christmas.

Example of an advent calendar

Usually, these columns are filled with Christmas ornament-shaped chocolates, while the more elaborate calendars would boast slightly more lavish items like beauty products.

This year, Luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co is officially hopping onto the advent calendar bandwagon too.

According to international lifestyle magazine Elle, Tiffany & Co will be releasing 4 of these boujee calendars – priced at around S$182,000 (£104,000) each.


Yes, we know what you’re thinking: This is so crazy expensive.

That’s because these calendars are actually filled with sparkling items from jewellery, diamond-crusted watches, to super atas home accessories from Tiffany’s Everyday Objects collection.


Here’s what we know about one of the world’s priciest advent calendars.

Tiffany & Co advent calendar has sparkling gifts behind every column

Standing at 1.2 metres tall, Tiffany & Co’s luxury advent calendar has doors that open to reveal what’s inside the facade of its flagship store on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Neatly tucked away in those 24 columns, are luxury gifts ranging in value from S$175 (£100) to S$22,700 (£13,000), Elle reports.


These include a diamond pendant, the new Tiffany 1837 Makers watch, Sterling Silver paper cups, and Tiffany’s iconic heart tag bracelet.

You can only imagine the amount of bling you’ll have by the time Christmas arrives.

Sterling silver paper cups, 18-karat gold bracelets & more

To make the steep price of S$182,000 worth it, here are pictures to give you a more visual idea of the gifts this advent calendar will bestow upon you.

  • Sterling Silver paper cup


  • Tiffany 1837 Makers watch


  • 18-karat Yellow Gold Tiffany T True bracelet


  • Bottle of Tiffany & Co Perfume


  • Tiffany Smile Pendant in 18-karat Rose Gold with Diamonds


If you think that’s a lot, great news: There are 19 more columns to go. That also means 19 more exciting – and expensive – gifts.

You can view the full selection of items concealed in the advent calendar here.

Only 4 Tiffany & Co advent calendars available in the world

Unfortunately, Singaporeans, these advent calendars are not available in our country.

To making it even more exclusive, there’ll only be 4 of them available in the world, according to women’s website Refinery29.


We learnt that one of them will be sold at Harrods in the United Kingdom from 9 Nov. So if you can afford to travel across the globe for these calendars, why not.

After all, if you can get your hands on it, you’ll be happy to know that you’re in possession of one of the world’s most expensive advent calendars.


Feature images adapted from CNN Style

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