Mission Kim-Possible: Finding Out Where Kim And Trump Will Land Next Week

Last Time Singaporeans Mostly Did Bird-Watching; Now We Get To Do Trump And Kim Plane-Spotting

Get them binoculars ready.

When US President Donald Trump arrives in Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit on 12 June, we’re likely to see the real Air Force One – plus a decoy plane.

Air Force One is the code name for the plane that carries the US President.

The decoy Air Force One will fly past Singapore and will probably land in Japan.

Fancy measures

For security reasons, decoy flights are sometimes used when US Presidents visit other countries.

And for good measure, the airport which the President will be landing in may only be confirmed within an hour of landing.

Traffic controllers won’t know in advance whether the 45th President will be landing in Seletar, Paya Lebar or Changi.

It is said that when ex-President Barack Obama arrived in Singapore in 2009, the final destination changed from Changi Airport to Paya Lebar Airbase just 45 minutes before landing.

This prompted someone to speculate in jest that since we’re so unclear of the location, Yishun might just be on the cards too.


Still more planes

According to Politico, many more planes are involved in a single overseas visit by an American President.

These planes do everything from moving personnel around to serving as backups for Air Force One.

Given the number of planes we can expect to arrive, some of us might want to get ready for a bonus air show in the run up to National Day.

Open secret

Netizens predictably laughed when the Straits Times first published the news that there would be a decoy plane for Trump.

They highlighted how a “top secret” is no longer a secret.



But others have also pointed out that the use of decoy planes is no secret, actually.

People have known this for a long time.


Secret or not, one netizen just hopes that Mr President will just fly right past Singapore.


That would solve all the security problems.

Kim Force One

What about Kim Force One? Where will it land?

At the same airport at Mr Trump?

That might lead to an awkward encounter at baggage claim.

We’re guessing that Mr Trump will land at Paya Lebar Airbase, which is equipped to handle the jumbo Air Force One.

Mr Kim will likely land at Seletar Airport, which is smaller but can still accommodate one of Air Koryo’s ageing Soviet planes.

6 days to go, folks. 6 days to go.

Featured image from Facebook and The White House

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