Woman In China Aborts Baby Over Unfair Prenuptial, Sends Body To Boyfriend’s Place

Woman In China Aborts Baby In Anger Over ‘Unfair Prenuptial’, Grandfather Wails After Seeing Body

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” goes the saying.

Turns out that this was also true for a woman in China who was unhappy over a prenuptial agreement proposed by her boyfriend’s family.

She reportedly aborted the baby in anger and sent the body to her boyfriend’s house.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Woman was five months’ pregnant

The 22-year-old woman named only as Ms Wang, from Tangshan city in Hebei province, had a close relationship with her boyfriend, reported Chinese media site Xing Dao Huan Qiu (星岛环球).

When she discovered she was five months’ pregnant with his child, the couple discussed marriage but encountered a hurdle — the man’s family.

Apparently, they wanted her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreement had 6 clauses

The agreement contained a total of six clauses, namely:

  1. The bride forfeits her dowry of S$18,230 (RMB95,000).
  2. They don’t collect the marriage certificate for the time being, doing so only on an agreed date after the wedding.
  3. The man’s property that he purchased before the marriage has nothing to do with the woman.
  4. In the event of divorce, the woman has no right to divide the property between them.
  5. If the man dies during the marriage, his property goes to his parents.
  6. Both parties are separately responsible for their assets and debts before or after marriage.

Woman aborts baby in China hospital

Unsurprisingly, this agreement caused some bitterness on Ms Wang’s part.

Unwilling to be wronged, she went to a hospital for an abortion.

She then sent the baby’s body to her boyfriend’s place in a white box.

Busts the windows of his house

In her anger, Ms Wang also went to the house and raised a ruckus.

That included property damage — videos posted on Chinese social media sites like Weibo showed her throwing stones and a stool at the house.

Source: CTWANT on YouTube

Her actions busted the windows in his house.

Source: CTWANT on YouTube

Boyfriend’s father wails at baby’s abortion

Upon seeing the baby’s body, her boyfriend’s father reportedly collapsed.

Videos posted on social media show him inconsolable, thrashing about on the ground in front of the white box containing his grandchild.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Later, he wailed uncontrollably as he clutched the box.

Source: CTWANT on YouTube

Netizens in China divided over woman who aborts baby

Some netizens took Ms Wang’s side, saying she was “brave” for standing up to the man’s family, who was “too much”.

However, others criticised her for going overboard, adding that she harmed her own body and killed her child.

They also said that it wasn’t worth getting rid of the child because of what the family did.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.

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