42-Year-Old Woman Seen Walking Around Bedok Naked On 29 Dec

These days, just leaving home without a mask will draw stares your way.

So, when people spotted a lady walking around Bedok stark naked on Tuesday (29 Dec), some took videos of the bizarre scene.

Image from Telegram

The video soon circulated around on WhatsApp and Telegram chats.

Later in the day, the woman was arrested under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act.

Naked woman crosses busy Bedok street

On Tuesday (29 Dec) morning, a woman was seen walking naked in broad daylight at Bedok. A 13-second video showed her pacing along a sheltered HDB walkway.

Barefooted and without a mask, all she had with her was an orange handbag. She appeared to be chanting as she walked.

In a second video, the woman was casually crossing a busy junction at Bedok North Street 1, towards Heartbeat@Bedok.

Woman naked bedokSource

The area appeared to be crowded at the time and the naked woman was in full view of both motorists and passers-by.

Apprehended under Mental Health Act

The police received a call for assistance at 7.52am on Tuesday (29 Dec), reported AsiaOne.

Officers then apprehended the 42-year-old woman under section 7 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act.

Nudity in public is punishable by law

Earlier this year in November, a similar incident occurred along Bedok North Street 4 where a man was seen walking around naked.

According to STOMP, the 57-year-old man was later arrested for appearing nude in a public space.

This is in accordance to the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, individuals who appear nude in public spaces can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to 3 months, or both.

Hope the woman receives the help she needs

Singapore has seen several of such worrying cases of nudity over the years. They end up turning heads and have images and videos of their bizarre act circulating without their knowledge.

It’s a concerning state for anyone to be in. For this incident, we hope the woman will receive the help that she needs.

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Featured image adapted from Lianhe Zaobao and Google Maps.