32-Year-Old Woman Lacks Vitamin D & Develops Osteoporosis, She Always Wears Sunscreen & Hats

32-Year-Old Woman In China Develops Osteoporosis From Lack Of Vitamin D

Sunscreen might be important in preventing skin cancer, but too much of it can be a bad thing, as a woman in China found out when she developed osteoporosis.

The sun-conscious woman, 32, woke up coughing at night and ended up breaking her ribs.

After going to the hospital, she found out that she not only had a fractured rib but also osteoporosis.

The doctor found out that the woman would go out with a complete set of sun protection equipment, leading to her vitamin D deficiency.

Woman coughs until her ribs break, finds out she has osteoporosis

Jiupai News reported on 16 Sep that Ms Lu (not her real name) woke up one night coughing badly, but went back to sleep thinking nothing of it.

After waking up again, she found out that she had pain in her ribs, so she went for a hospital checkup.

The doctor discovered that Ms Lu had a rib fracture on her right side.

She was then sent to the orthopaedic department, which found that she also had osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease caused by calcium deficiency, mainly affecting middle-aged and elderly people.

However, Ms Lu is just 32 years old.

Calcium cannot be absorbed by the small intestine if there isn’t enough vitamin D in the body.

Ms Lu’s test results showed that the level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in her blood was extremely low.

Doctor finds out woman is extremely sun-conscious

Later, the doctor, reportedly from Hangzhou Third People’s Hospital, also found that Ms Lu was extremely sun-conscious.

She would take extreme sun protection by applying a complete set of sunscreen, sun protection hat, and sun protection clothing.

Source: Jiupai News on Weibo

The doctor reminds people that the body requires vitamin D from the sun, and gets up to 90% of what the body needs from the sun.

Humans require around 30 minutes of light daily. Without that, you can develop osteoporosis over time.

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Featured image adapted from Jiupai News on Weibo and Skin Cancer Foundation.

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