This 12-Zodiac Cold Brew Set With Matcha Latte, White & Black Coffee Will Perk Up Your ‘Niu’ Year

Enchanted Cafe Has A Limited-Edition 12-Zodiac Cold Brew Set For CNY

Sipping on packet drinks may be common during CNY festivities, but the new year calls for a little upgrade.

With most families likely to have a small celebration at home, zhng-ing up your drinks will make rounding off your meals a lot sweeter.

Quell your longing for café-worthy brews in your own homes with any of Enchanted Cafe’s cold brew beverages.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Available in a special 12-Zodiac set, you can test yourself on the Chinese horoscope while downing bottles of creamy goodness.

12-Zodiac set includes new orange chocolate cold brew

Already known for their wide range of cold brew drinks, Enchanted Cafe is marking the niu year with a new orange chocolate flavour.

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe – The Rainforest (24-hour outlet) in Clarke Quay
Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Taking the character of the ox or perhaps more accurately a cow, the bottle has a cute little bovine motif on its label.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Combining the richness of chocolate with the refreshing tang of orange citrus, the milky concoction aptly commemorates the festive occasion.

Let your elders snack on the oranges from bai nian, while you enjoy subtle hints of it in your velvety chocolate drink.

Since this flavour is caffeine-free, you can get through the day without worrying about the post-caffeine drain headache.

Non-coffee flavours you can share with the kiddos

Often, celebratory drinks may not be the most family-friendly, leaving the young ones out of the festive cheer. You can make the occasion a more inclusive one by providing drinks that everyone can enjoy.

With various milky flavours including the Asian favourite bandung, the kiddos will have less reason to be noisy as they drink from a bottle of the rosy pink beverage.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

The adorable piggy on the label will only get them all the more excited to gulp it down.

If the floral nodes don’t sit well on the kids’ tongues, let them have the classic chocolate instead, which you can never go wrong with.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

The zodiac version comes with a monkey on the label, which the children will go absolutely bananas over.

Adults who’d also like a sip of decadent chocolate can go for the zhnged up sea salt caramel chocolate, with a faintly salty accent that balances out the bittersweet cocoa.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

The kiddos might be used to thinking of you as a tiger parent. But now that they’re happily sipping this chocolatey drink, they might actually see you as the cute little zodiac feline on the bottle for once.

Go-to coffee brews to perk up your hectic day

When your family’s the type who can sit down for multiple rounds of food and mahjong, you’d need drinks with a kick to get you through the evening.

Have some gao kopi in the form of Enchanted Cafe’s cold brew black coffee, which comes with a floofy rabbit on the label.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

You’ll have no trouble sparing energy to answer the endless deluge of, “when are you getting married” and “buy BTO already or not” questions from your aunties.

Add a bit of richness to your caffeine by having the cold brew white coffee, which will give you comforting Sunday brunch vibes well into the night.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

The doggo design on the label only makes the drink all the more irresistible.

Equally hard to resist is the matcha latte, with a fragrant punch that’ll certainly perk you up when stories about your cousin’s new boyfriend gets a tad repetitive.

Image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

The adorable dragon design may not be as hot as your aunties’ gossip, but it’s enough to get you through the endless stories they have to tell.

Available for 24-hour delivery

The above are only some of the flavours Enchanted Cafe has in their Enchanted Zodiac Set, which includes 5 other exciting versions like:

  • Rose Chocolate
  • Matcha
  • Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate (Coffee)
  • Rocha (Rose Chocolate Coffee)
  • Mocha (Coffee)

Packaged separately in boxes of coffee and non-coffee drinks for easy distinction, you can get the entire set of 12, 330ml bottles for only $88.


The set comes with a fortune bag of gold chocolates and a personalised note, so you can present it to a friend this CNY.

Order here, and Enchanted Cafe will deliver the gift from 5 Feb. Since delivery is available round the clock, you can select an opportune time slot to catch your friend by surprise.

You can order this limited-edition set online regardless of the time of day, as they’re open 24/7. So, don’t miss your chance to snag these delicious drinks in their adorable zodiac bottles.

While you’re at it, check out what else Mosanco Enchanted Cafe has to offer on their website, or Instagram. Who knows, you might end up adding a slice of cake or 2 to your cart.

Perk up your ‘niu’ year with cold brew drinks

Even though CNY is all about tradition, you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to conventional food and drinks to mark the occasion.

Have a little something extra to enjoy by keeping cold brew drinks ready in your fridge.

They’ll certainly perk up your ‘niu’ year, and set the right tone for a 2021 worth looking forward to.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Mosanco Enchanted Cafe.

Featured image courtesy of Mosanco Enchanted Cafe.

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