7 Underground Talks About S’porean Fetishes, Fat-Shaming & Working In North Korea

Talks About Taboo Subjects In May 2019

Every week, you tell yourself: this weekend, I’m gonna do something fun. But you’re always too busy or tired to plan for anything, and another weekend sails by, uneventful.

4FUN is a newly launched community-hosting website that lets you sign up for a myriad of activities. You get to sit for talks, go for hikes, plant yourself in yoga poses with the pros, or just chill out over beer with a bunch of cool people.

As part of the site’s launch, 4FUN is holding a couple of talks about the lesser-known, taboo side of Singapore in May.

7 talks on taboo subjects

1. Meet the Singaporeans who work mostly with North Koreans

Mr Geoffrey See at a TED talk

For the past 9 years, Mr Geoffrey See and his team at Choson Exchange has been sponsoring volunteer trips to the hermit state of North Korea. The point of the trip? To educate North Koreans on basic economic principles so they can run their own businesses.

Besides finding out about the initiative, you’ll get to ask the team questions about what life is like in North Korea — is it really as suppressive as people say it is? Or if you’re keen, what do North Koreans think of their leader’s haircut?

Where: Shake Farm HQ, 126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595
When: 16 May, 7:50PM

2. An intimacy coach talks about the kinks and sexual fetishes of Singaporeans

Fetishes come in all forms, private or public

Some among us may have sexual fetishes queerer than we’d like to admit. Such fetishes and fantasies, explains intimacy coach Dr Angela Tan, are not developed at birth. Rather, they are developed through certain life experiences.

Through her years of counselling and coaching, Dr Tan has met people with all kinds of kinks. In her talk, she shares the why’s, how’s, and what’s of sexual fetishes and kinks, and tells us that having them is really nothing to be ashamed of.

Where: Shake Farm HQ, 126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595
When: 22 May, 7:50PM

3. He fixed World Cup matches; now he tells us what he learned

When it comes to soccer betting, you lose some, you win some. It’s a gamble. But for Singaporean Mr Wilson Raj Perumal, he used to always win.

The match-fixer was at a time dubbed the most prolific one of the world. He’s fixed matches in the FA Cup, the World Cup and the Olympics. So go ahead, ask him his magic formula for successfully fixing matches. We’re just not sure if you should try to mimic them, because you know — the law.


Where: Shake Farm HQ, 126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595
When: 27 May, 7:50PM

4. Singaporeans’ addiction to porn is real and we can fix it

Sex is something Singaporeans don’t really like to talk about. But sex and porn addiction is a serious problem in Singapore that needs talking about. In fact, the World Health Organisation classifies the addiction as an actual mental health problem.

Top-visited websites in Singapore

Psychologist Dr Glenn Graves explores this lesser-known addiction. Many will say, curbing it is just a matter of willpower. But Dr Graves is out to prove that it isn’t so easy as just trying to think the naked people away.

Where: Shake Farm HQ, 126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595
When: 30 May, 7:50PM

5. Will the marketing industry in Singapore embrace plus-sized models in 2019?

In this age of body positivity, many talk about shifts toward “plus-sized models”. It’s a good movement, but sadly, not widely endorsed. Billboards and brochures continue to feature models tall and slim, not big and broad.

In this talk, Singaporean activist and model Kayde Ling joins model, make-up artist and TEDx speaker Priscilla Boh in sharing their stories about being plus-sized models and about quashing the doubts and fears that come naturally with such a vocation.

Ms Boh speaking at TEDxLASALLE, Mar 2019

Where: 38A Seah St, Singapore 188394
When: 17 May, 7:50PM

6. Businesswoman, mother and pole dancer pro shows what it means for women to really kickass

This age is all about fairness and equality — particularly, gender equality. Pole dancer instructor, wealth advisor, and mother to a 7-month-old, Michelle Ngiam takes the stage to share about her life. More than that, it is a talk to empower women from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if the meeting table is full of men, get out there and show them that whatever they can do, you can do equally well.


Where: 38A Seah St, Singapore 188394
When: 28 May, 7:50PM

7. The secret to looking young forever isn’t just in serums

Beauty stores are lined with endless rows of products claiming to keep your skin free of wrinkles and reduce the aging process.In a bid to maintain our look of youth, some pile on scrubs, serums and anything else they can find in the anti-aging section.

But Holistic Health Practitioner Alex Mearns is here to tell us that there are other ways of continuing to look young without credit card-swiping to your death on off-the-shelf beauty products. One example, meditation.


Where: 160 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068914
When: 29 May, 7:30PM

New events every month

The month of May 2019 appears to be rather talk-heavy, but according to 4FUN, there will be a large range of activities lined up for the rest of the year — be they physical, mental or plain weight-gaining tartuffery.


Those who can no longer stand the clamour of the office and the noise of social media, can find peace and quiet at group yoga sessions. For those who like it a little classy, there’s an event called Silent Yoga + Wine, which – it’s not hard to guess – let’s you get into yoga poses and sip wine after.


Hate that morning sluggishness? Join in what’s called “morning dance parties” with Aurorawoke. These explosive morning routines will have you up and about and ready to face the day.

Or if you’re looking for people to play Futsal with, the hosting site will pit you against others like you on a rooftop AstroTurf.


You can check out the rest on the website itself.

A strictly “no rip-off policy”

Okay, so they’re organising all these for us, surely there has to be some kind of trade-off.

There’s a small fee of $4, but from what we’ve gathered, this fee is much less than the ticket prices if you get them straight from the organisers’ websites.

For example, the tickets to Aurorawoke’s morning dance sessions cost about $17 each. Getting them through 4FUN brings that down to a measly $4.

This is aligned with 4FUN’s philosophy of not ripping people off.

The focus is on being transformational, not transactional … the content and environment has to be authentic, with no rip-off STRICTLY.

To them, it’s about the value, and not so much the money. Below’s their full philosophy:


Most companies in Singapore are profit-driven. We get that. So when one pops up that appears to put the fun over the fee, maybe it’s worth supporting it. Besides, giving us a chance to make new friends — what’s not to like about that?

$4 for subscription, $4 per event


Like we said earlier, there’s a small fee. You pay $4 a month for access to the activities and $4 for a ‘ticket’ to join an activity.

But you can essentially get free tickets by referring friends. Just have them sign up with your unique promo code RIP<your_4FUN_ID>, and both of you will get $4 in Play Credit each.

Also, if you sign up for any of the talks in May, you get a free gym duffel bag and sports tumbler. This company sure seems to take charity very seriously.

Have fun.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with 4FUN.

Featured image from YouTube.

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