Caldecott’s youngest duke is also best newcomer

Having bagged the Best Newcomer award at Star Awards 2015, this duke is fast becoming a familiar face on local television.

In 2015, we put the spotlight on Aloysius as one of the 15 Singaporeans aged 25 and under to watch in 2015 and the he’s proved us right. Last year, he starred in dramas such as Tiger Mum, Super Senior, and Hand in Hand. He even earned a triple nomination for the Star Awards — Favourite Male Character, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Newcomer.

Here are 10 facts about Aloysius Pang that will make you swoon over the outstanding actor:

1. He was a child actor 


At the age of nine, Aloysius made his acting debut in children’s drama Xiao Fei Ren, and later starred in a series of other dramas like Bukit Ho Swee, A Child’s Hope and I Love My Home.

Fun fact: Aloysius filmed his first drama together with his doppelgänger, Shawn Lee. (More in point 5)

2. He stopped acting due to teasing

Aloysius studied in Yuying Secondary School. At the age of 14, he gave up acting due to teasing, and even called MediaCorp and “told them to take my (his) file out and never call me (him) again”.

He later graduated from Singapore Institute of Management in 2012. The same year, he made his comeback as the lead character in the film Timeless Love, directed by Lim Koong Hwee and Dasmond Koh.



3. He had a rebellious past

Being a child actor has its downside too.

In an interview with TODAY, he shared that there were people who snubbed him.

I had people coming up to me and saying, ‘Do you think people like you because you are good looking or a nice person? They like you because you are on TV.’ It just gets imprinted on your heart.

This led to a drastic change in Aloysius, for he wanted to be known as an individual rather than someone who is on TV.

I wanted to be popular for who I was instead, which is why I did a lot of the things I did back then. I wanted my personality to outshine that character, so I was constantly seeking attention in the wrong way. I was looking for trouble — because I wanted people to see me as me. At karaoke sessions, I would open the door and scream so the entire hallway would look. That’s how hard up I was for attention — just making a fool 
of myself.

 4. He hopes to break out of his usual rebellious roles



Drawing experience from his past, Aloysius have portrayed a lot of rebellious characters — in dramas like I’m In Charge and It Takes Two — and the most recent being a hao lian teenager named Chen Hao Lian in Channel 8 drama Tiger Mum. He thinks that he has already been typecasted, but believes he’ll get his big break someday.

He also hopes to try out different roles, such as a local ah beng or someone with a mental or physical disability, as he feels that an actor would be “able to educate the public on what these people are going through and how we could help them” if the role is portrayed well.

5. He is always being confused with his doppelgänger, Shawn

No, Aloysius did not act in I Not Stupid.

The 24-year-old actor is often mistaken for Shawn Lee, the child actor in Jack Neo’s movie.

Left: Aloysius Pang; Right: Shawn Lee

The resemblance is uncanny, but the two aren’t brothers.

(Or so they say.)

6. He is a self-professed mama’s boy

In an interview with MeRadio, Aloysius said that his mother used to be “a tigress” when he was a child. Now that he’s older, he sees his mum as “a little rabbit” instead and wants to protect her.

[My mum] was a very strict disciplinarian and had very high expectations of my grades. She instilled a lot of discipline into [my brothers and me] which is why we are who we are now. But because she was strict, there was a distance between us and we cannot communicate well with her. After we grew up, I started to open up to my mum and her with me too. I began to feel that she is just a little rabbit. She has portrayed such a strong exterior for so many years and hiding this little rabbit inside. After I am more sensible, I knew that she has been through a lot. Now I just want to protect her. I see her as a vulnerable animal instead of a tigress. My goal now is to protect her after she has protected me for so long.

His bond with his mother is now stronger than before, which led to his self-professed “Mama’s boy” label.

I would lie down in between my mum and my dad on the bed and talk about everything every night after work. I would tell them if I have someone I like. They are my emotional pillars so I would tell them anything. We are in a very good place now. 

7. He intends to settle down only after his prime age

Fan girls might have to be disappointed as the star only plans to settle down after his prime age.

Research has shown that men’s prime age is 33. After my prime, I can settle down and focus on my family. I have too much love for this art. I just want to put all my heart into it for now.

The budding actor will be focusing on his acting career for now, but revealed that he hopes to “marry someone who is stronger” in future because he is “too soft” and “cannot be strict” when it comes to disciplining children.

 8. He is a real gentleman

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.40.49 pm


Aloysius and actress Jayley Woo have played a couple twice — once in Tiger Mum and later in Channel 8 drama Super Senior — and grew closer in the process. In fact, the pair is so chummy they have gone out together a few times (yes, just the two of them). The two occasionally even share cabs as they live in close proximity.

However, both claim that they do not have romantic feelings for the other.

It’s a normal thing for me to accompany girls and I don’t think much of it.

Aloysius added that his mother has often advised him and his two brothers to be gentlemanly to girls.

In Tiger Mum, Woo played the role of Abigail, Aloysius’ classmate who became a prostitute. To do her research for the role’s portrayal, Woo wanted to study the prostitutes at Geylang, and Aloysius’ first instinct was to accompany and protect her as he used to cycle there and knew how dangerous it could be.



9. His ideal partner would be someone who is kind-hearted

The actor makes time out of his busy schedule to volunteer, and hopes that his other half would be equally kind-hearted.

I think it is going to be cliché again, but I like girls who are kind-hearted. I think that is very attractive especially when a girl helps out someone in front of me. Respect for elders and love for animals are very attractive to me. I could picture myself meeting my spouse at some volunteer events in the future.

However, his partner doesn’t have to be good-looking, for he thinks that looks fade and that “the interior is more attractive than the exterior”.

He also revealed his preference for older women, as his three previous relationships were all with younger girls.

 I like a girl you can talk to about things like CPF and other adult topics. I can’t stand childish conversations.

10. He is ambitious 

Aloysius likes to keep himself busy and takes guitar, piano, boxing, and sign-language lessons. He wants to write songs, set up his own business, write his own drama script and a movie, publish a book of poetry, and direct.

In 2014, Aloysius made his directorial debut and directed the music video of Singapore-based singer Gavin Teo’s I Understand, which starred Xu Bin and Kimberly Chia.

Last year, Aloysius also released his first single Black Tears (黑色眼泪).

Definitely an actor to watch out for

At age 24, this multi-talented duke has already tried his hand at singing and directing, while honing his craft as an actor. Aloysius might have constantly been mistaken for his doppelgänger Shawn Lee, but we think it’s only a matter of time before he establishes himself as a household name.

Fan girls can catch Aloysius starring in long-running sitcom Life Fret Not as Carrie Wong’s love interest, which is currently airing on Channel 8.

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