Competitive Eaters, These Are All The Food Contests You Need To Know About

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It’s no secret that Singapore is a nation of foodies.

And because of the naturally competitive streak in us, even eating has been turned into a competition. From conquering the famous Sunset Grill and Pub’s spicy wings to wolfing down a 7-pound burger at The Beast Burger, Singaporeans are proving their mettle when it comes to eating.

Given our love for food, it looks like this trend of competitive eating is here to stay.

Just look at this one guy.

Enter Zermatt Neo, the chicken rice aficionado who effortlessly polished a near-4kg plate of chicken rice at a Bukit Batok coffee shop in under half an hour. That portion consisted of 10 servings of rice and a whole chicken, but Neo wolfed it down like it was no mean feat.



And he’s not the only one with a stomach like a bottomless pit.

This woman may look petite, but her appetite can be described as beastly.

In just 43 minutes, Thomasina Owch managed to finish a 3.2kg burger all by herself. Known as The Beast Burger Challenge held at American restaurant The Beast Burger, contestants are required to finish a 7-pound (approximately 3.2kg) burger made of pork, slaw, and fried chicken atop beef patty between two hot buns, as well as sweet potato fries.

You can also conquer the next foodie challenge

Competitive eating is not just about devouring as much food as you can – it’s also about stamina and threshold.

Take JCube’s Seoul Spicy Challenge (held last year) for example.

For the challenge, participants were put through a team relay before individual contenders vied for the top spot. Then, contestants had to consume three bowls of Samyang noodles with varying levels of spiciness. The first was original flavoured, the second was mixed with wasabi, while the last consisted of a mixture of chilli padi and chilli powder. At the end of it all, contestants also had to finish a 500ml bottle of Coke.

Freelance photographer Ng Chin Sheng emerged the champion out of more than 250 contestants. For his efforts, the 37-year-old had his name entered in the Singapore book of records for clocking a record time in spicy eating and won a pair of tickets to Seoul.

And if we’ve whetted your appetite, here’s news that will delight your taste buds –  JCube will be holding another #SoSpicyChallenge starting on 14 May.

Take your love for spicy food up a notch with this challenge, or pit against your friends to see who has a higher tolerance!

To participate in the challenge, simply head to JCube’s Facebook page to register. You can also find out more about the #SoSpicyChallenge through J Mag, which is available at JCube’s customer service counter at B1.

Don’t say we bo jio — if you’re game for this competition, you have until next week! #SoSpicyChallenge #AreYouGame


8th April – 22nd May 2016

Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731


This post was brought to you by JCube.

Featured image via Facebook

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