Man Who Allegedly Took Upskirt Photos In Balestier Caught Once Again, Victims Make Him Delete Photos

Man Who Allegedly Took Upskirt Photos In Balestier Caught Taking Photos Again

A man previously caught in Balestier for taking upskirt photos and subsequently detained has landed in hot water again.

The latest incident came to light after a video was shared online of two women confronting the alleged perpetrator for taking photos and videos of them in secret.

Balestier photos caught again

Source: Instagram

They then demanded that he erase the compromising material on the spot.

Despite his initial apologies, the women later raised concerns that he may not have actually done what they asked.

The repeat offence has sparked anger among Singaporeans, leading to calls for stronger action against the accused.

Alleged victims posted video online to warn other women

The incident gained attention after a follower of @singapore_incidents shared the video online yesterday (4 July), although it is unclear when it actually took place.

The video, filmed from the women’s point of view, captured the confrontation between them and the alleged perpetrator.

At the start, one of the women asked the man to delete any photos he had taken of them.

The accused man claimed he had already deleted the photos and offered an apology.

Balestier photos caught again

Source: Instagram

However, another woman present demanded that he remove all of the material, suggesting that he had only removed one photo.

At this point, onscreen text in the video reveals that they had caught him taking photos and videos of them without their consent.

Upon realising this was the same man as the one in @kamehao’s video, they felt he had not learned his lesson and decided to post their video online.

The women added that after they rewatched the video, they discovered that the man may not have actually deleted the photos and videos as requested.

They ended the video by writing that the alleged perpetrator was unrepentant and advised women to be aware of their surroundings.

Man had previously been chased down and caught in Balestier

As a refresher of the previous incident, a man named Wenhao had taken it upon himself to chase down the culprit after suspecting him of taking an upskirt photo of his friend in Balestier.

Man Runs After Stranger Who Allegedly Took Upskirt Photos In Balestier, Detains Him Till Police Arrive

Wenhao shared a video documenting the incident on TikTok, in which he pursued the man through the streets of Balestier.

He suspected something was amiss after his friend felt something touch the back of her leg and noticed the man behaving suspiciously with his phone.

They decided to observe the man at a nearby bus stop. Unfortunately, their suspicions turned out to be true when the man attempted to flee.

Eventually, he caught up with the alleged perpetrator at an indoor carpark and detained him until the police arrived with help from a Grab rider.

The accused admitted to his actions at the time, leading the police to take him into custody.

Following the viral incident, Wenhao gained praise from Singaporeans for taking matters into his own hands.

Singaporeans outraged by man’s repeat offences call for more severe action to be taken

Naturally, many Singaporeans were angry to see an alleged repeat of history, especially since it occurred so soon after the first strike.

Multiple netizens said the women should have lodged a police report instead. They think asking him to delete the photos and videos would not suffice.

Balestier photos caught again

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Another Instagram user said that the accused needs help. They added that he should be in jail if he does not learn from his mistakes.

Source: Instagram

One other commenter pointed out that someone should steer him towards pornography instead, so he could “stop bothering innocent people”.

Balestier photos caught again

Source: Instagram

Many also tagged Singapore Police Force on their Instagram in hopes that they would take action.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

With all this furore caused, we hope the authorities will intervene and thoroughly investigate the matter.

If the man is guilty, we hope he can be dealt with sternly to ward off similar incidents in the future.

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