2 Bats Visit HDB Flat & Feed On Bananas

Bats might seem like rare creatures in Singapore, but there are actually 25 species of bats found on our island nation.

Sometimes you see them in nature destinations. Occasionally, they pop up in urban places like supermarkets too. And more recently, we learnt they even make home visits.


In the wee hours of Tuesday (26 Jan), a man got a shock when he found 2 bats in his HDB flat.


The little visitors even helped themselves to a late night snack, chomping on some bananas in the house.

Man finds bat in kitchen

According to the Facebook post, a man came out of his room for a cup of water at around 1am on Tuesday (26 Jan).

But he was in for a rude shock when he realised something was flying around in his HDB flat.

After some investigating, he realised it was a bat.


The bat was flying around in his kitchen at the time.

He was shocked as this was apparently the second time he encountered bats in his home in the last 3 months. Prior to this, he had never encountered them in the 22 years of living there.

Knowing bats are often attracted to bananas, the man took special notice that it has not fed on the bananas at all.

He then retreated to his room for a short while.

Bats later gnawed on bananas

On his return to the living room area, the man found that there was now not 1, but 2 bats making themselves at home.


When he went to check on the bunch of bananas in the kitchen, it was no longer in the pristine condition it was in.

The bats appeared to have gnawed on the bananas and there were clear bite marks on them.


Lures bats out of HDB flat with bananas

The man struggled to chase the bats out of his house.

1 of the bats decided to literally hang out at his service balcony on a bamboo pole.


He commented that the bat appeared to be taking a quick nap.

bats HDB bananasSource

Later, he had to use a broom to nudge it out of his house.

Meanwhile, also at the service balcony, the other bat was flying about right beneath the napping bat.

bats HDB bananasSource

Eventually, the man came up with the ingenious idea to use the bananas to lure the bats out.

He hung the bananas on a bamboo pole outside his house.

bats HDB bananasSource

The bats gladly followed the scent of the fruit, finally leaving his house to feed on their late night snack.

bats HDB bananasSource

Do not be alarmed by bats

Such late night visits from bats are rare but not unheard of.

National Parks Board (NParks) advises residents not to be alarmed if this happens and simply leave them alone as they will fly away once they are done feeding.

But if you do come into contact with them, do remember to thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

Residents may also choose to install lighting at areas where bats may roost and feed in their property.

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