Boon Keng Residents Have Bats Visiting Their Homes, Town Council Help To Trim Tree

Despite our reputation as a concrete jungle, Singapore is actually home to 25 species of bats.

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While the thought of nature still thriving in our city may comfort some, many might feel uncomfortable having these mammals flying into their homes.

Unfortunately for some residents in Jalan Besar GRC, that’s the exact predicament they’re facing with the bats living in a fruit tree nearby.

Jalan Besar GRC Member of Parliament (MP) Josephine Teo took to Facebook on Thursday (10 Sep) to share about the rather peculiar problem.


Boon Keng bats fly into HDB near tree they live in

According to Ms Teo, some residents staying in Blk 14 along Upper Boon Keng Road saw bats flying into their homes but were unsure about how to “usher” them away.


The bats in question reportedly lived in a nearby fruit tree.

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Upon learning about the issue, Ms Teo and her team arranged for a National Parks Board (NParks) officer and bat specialist to pay affected residents a visit.


Thankfully, the bats in question do not possess any infectious strains of coronavirus.

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Instead, they help to pollinate flowers and keep the insect population in check.

Town Council advises residents to hang shiny objects

Despite these reassurances, it’s understandable for residents to feel uneasy having a bat in their homes.


Hence, the Jalan Besar Town Council has since trimmed the nearby fruit tree in an attempt to encourage the flying creatures to hang out elsewhere.

The experts also made recommendations on how residents can discourage bats from flying into their flats:

  • Hang shiny objects at entrances
  • Install insect nettings
  • Install magnetic fly mesh

Those facing similar ‘issues’ can also contact NParks at 1 800 476 1600 for assistance.

NParks has shared a list of do’s and don’ts for when bats fly into residential properties. You can check out the advisory here.

Kudos to experts for helping residents

Kudos to the individuals and agencies who helped the Jalan Besar GRC residents with their ‘unwanted guests’.

That said, we hope the bats will soon find another place to call home, away from residential areas.

Featured image adapted from NUS and SRX.