Binggrae Ice Cream Christmas Giveaway Till 20 Dec, Macbook Air & Dyson Vacuum Are Weekly Gifts

Binggrae Ice Cream Christmas Giveaway Till 20 Dec

Growing up, most of us fondly recall indulging in popsicles to cool down after playing outdoors. Once the scorching sun reached its apex at noon, you’d have wanted to sell your soul in exchange for a chilly pick-me-up.

If your taste has only gotten more sophisticated with time, we’ll let you in on a well-known Korean ice cream brand that should be on your holiday shopping list—Binggrae.

Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

As nostalgic to Korean kiddos as Dalgona candy – popularised by the Squid Game series – the brand is the brains behind Melona ice cream bars and fish-shaped Samanco ice cream.

Best of all, they’re easily available in Singapore. You can fill up your home fridge with several boxes to share with the fam this festive season, instead of dreaming about them until your return to Korea.

Melona popsicles & Yomamte froyo in a cone

Binggrae ice creams remain a favourite for many kids, and for good reason. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of fruity ice creams. Yet, these pastel-coloured popsicles will taste like a little piece of heaven after enduring a long commute in our very humid city.

binggrae 1Melona (Multipack) – $7.70/box of 8
Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

The Melona ice cream is a fruit-flavoured slab of creamy goodness, usually priced at around $7.70/box of 8. You’ll even be spoilt for choice with their varieties which include melon, mango, banana, strawberry, and purple yam.

Ice cream can be healthy too, if you know where to look. Those tired of plan ‘ol Yakult or Greek yogurt, should consider their Yomamte ice cream which has frozen probiotic yogurt packed in a cone.

Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

At just $2.50/cone, health-conscious relatives during festive family reunions would love this affordable treat. FYI, this product comes with a “low-sugar cone” that’s crispy and crunchy—but with 25% less sugar.

Samanco fish-shaped ice cream sandwich

One look at the Samanco Ice Cream, and you’d probably be completely sold by the cute fish-shaped waffle.

Of course, foodies will definitely be reminded by the popular Korean winter street snack Bungeoppang that’s shaped like a carp.

binggrae 2Samanco (Multipack) – $8.80/pack of 4
Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

Samanco takes the sweet-savoury concoction a step further with varieties like Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Bean and Strawberry.

From just $8.80/pack of 4, you can serve them to your nieces and immortalize their gleeful expressions with a photo or video.

Pangtoa ice cream sandwich & atas Clédor ice cream bars

As we grow older and try more sugary desserts, our palates become much more refined. While it’s very hard to impress our taste buds, Binggrae’s Pangtoa and Clédor might do the trick.

Ever dreamed of an affordable chiffon cake ice cream? Pangtoa boasts of an ice cream centre sandwiched between two slices of fluffy chiffon cake.

binggrae 3Pangtoa (Multipack) – $8.80/pack of 4
Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

Ice cream sandwiches with rainbow bread are our all-time favourite in Singapore, but one bite of this atas ultra soft dessert might change our minds.

Made from fresh premium Korean milk, Clédor is a work of art for dairy lovers.

Clédor (Single) – $3.30/stick
Image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore

On top of the thick and rice cacao coating, its varieties include Berry Mix, Cookies & Choco, Cookies & Cream and Espresso Coffee.

From just $3.30/stick, be sure to act quick if mum buys them for the fam, before your siblings squirrel the ice cream bars away.

Join the Binggrae Christmas giveaway to win a Macbook Air

You can find these 5 types of Binggrae ice cream at most leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and Korean specialty stores in Singapore.

Binggrae Singapore has also been running a Christmas Giveaway Campaign from 22 Nov-20 Dec 2021. That’s why if you’ve bought $20 worth of Binggrae ice cream from any physical store, you should definitely keep your receipts.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Spend a minimum of $20 on Binggrae ice cream from any local store.
  2. Snap a photo of your receipt.
  3. Whatsapp your receipt, name & Instagram handle to Binggrae at 90856546.

Once your purchase is verified, eligible participants can follow Binggrae Singapore’s Instagram account to join their weekly giveaways.


Up to $5,000 worth of prizes including a Secretlab chair, Prism+ TV, Dyson Vacuum, and Macbook Air will be up for grabs until 20 Dec 2021.

Product prices featured in this article are general guidelines, as retailers may run their own promos or deals. Either way, you’ll qualify for the giveaway as long as you spend $20 on Binggrae ice cream products. Do note that online purchases will not be eligible.


For the full deets on the promo mechanics and T&Cs, visit Binggrae’s Home for Christmas microsite for more info. To stay in the loop, feel free to give the brand a follow on Instagram or Facebook.

P.S. Each week, Binggrae IG followers can look out for a chance to snag 10 x $30 NTUC Fairprice vouchers by participating in weekly Home for Christmas games.

May your freezers be fully stocked with ice cream

Ice cream is definitely a staple in most of our freezers, especially because of our hot weather. Thanks to Binggrae, we can try nostalgic popsicles all the way from Korea.

Because the holiday season is fast approaching, you might want to stock up on a few for guests coming over. Our cooking may not rival our mums, but at least we can serve tasty desserts to make up for it.

Here’s to hoping you’ll have a happy holiday season with these chilly treats by your side.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Binggrae Singapore.

Featured image courtesy of Binggrae Singapore.

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