Meiji Has Brown Sugar Yoghurt With Boba Bits, A ‘Healthier’ Version Of BBT In Thailand

Meiji Launches Brown Sugar Yoghurt With Boba Bits In Thailand

Health-conscious foodies may be wary of sugary sweet BBT, but this brown sugar yoghurt could be an exception you can consider making a part of your diet.

On Wednesday (9 Sep), Meiji Thailand introduced a brand new ‘Brown Yoghurt’ flavour — infused with brown sugar, caramel, and boba bits. The concoction is jam-packed with probiotics, making it a healthier version of your fave BBTs.


We’ve scrutinised what this delectable concoction entails, to see if it’s really a ‘healthier’ version of brown sugar boba.

Meiji has brown sugar yoghurt with caramel notes

Since plenty of BBTs are chock full of sugar, your parents might’ve been wary about stockpiling them on the fridge. However, Meiji Thailand’s ‘Brown Yoghurt’ may finally change their minds.


Each cup is packed with probiotics that are good for your digestive system. This ingredient helps boost your immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Comes with chewy boba bits

For boba addicts, you’ll be delighted to find that this delicious treat has soft and tender boba bits.


Numerous pearls combined with the thick and creamy yoghurt add a unique texture that makes you feel like you’re consuming BBT.

Only in Thailand for now

Meiji’s Brown Sugar Yoghurt is only available in Thailand for now. But we haven’t given up hope as international flavours usually make their way to our shores in no time at all.

Locals have shared that they’ve spotted it on shelves at most supermarkets & convenience stores — including Tesco Lotus, Big C, Lawson & FamilyMart.


One cup is priced at S$0.83 (19 Baht), but you can opt for a 3-piece pack for S$2.45 (56 Baht).


Hope it comes to S’pore soon

Due to the pandemic, we can’t jump on a plane and fill our suitcases with treats from abroad.

We do hope that this flavour will be available locally soon, as a permanent alternative to strawberry, aloe vera or mango Meiji yoghurt in our fridges.

Would you be game to try brown sugar yoghurt with boba bits? Share your thoughts on this new flavour in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Instagram & Instagram

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