Caltex Has An Exclusive Collaboration With Tomica Where You Can Build Your Own Petrol Station

Tomica Limited Edition Caltex Tanker & Station Set Available With A Min. $60 Spending

Car miniatures brand Tomica has teamed up with Caltex to release a limited edition, true-to-form Caltex Tomica Tanker as well as a compact DIY petrol station set.

Both collectibles will be available to customers who spend more than $60 on Caltex fuel at any of their stations. From what we’re told, both the tanker and station sets are selling out fast. So better be quick if you’re planning on getting your hands on either one of them.

For more information, visit here.

When it comes to collectibles, it isn’t so much about the most expensive car — it’s about the ones that are difficult to find. Let this Caltex Tomica Tanker add a little local flavour to your garage.

The station set comes in little interlocking pieces which you can fit together to create a unique petrol station. You can construct it like a regular station or go for a 2-storey one with ramps for cars to drive up — the possibilities are endless.

You can assemble the station in many different ways.

Do note that the set only provides the pieces for the station. The cars shown on the box are not included.

Some fans have apparently already gotten their hands on the limited edition collectibles, and they seem pretty glad.



Get creative with the set pieces

The little toy models aren’t just for pushing around or display, you can also get creative with them — for the prized ‘gram’ of course.

When it comes to miniatures, there is nothing like ‘shrinking’ yourselves to fit that tiny world.


Or, conversely, you could blow up the thumb-sized vehicle and plop it on a pavement.


Given that this is Tomica’s first collaboration with Caltex in Singapore, both the tanker and the station set should make prized originals some years down the road.

Make your way down to any of the 25 Caltex stations around Singapore. For the list of stations, visit here.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Caltex.

Featured images courtesy of Caltex.

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