S’pore-M’sia Land VTL Opens On 29 Nov, Travellers Must Take Designated Buses

2,880 travellers can cross the borders daily.

DBS Trying To Resolve Issue With Digital Banking Services As Problem Recurs On 24...

Services are temporarily unavailable again.

More Househoulds Using Ultraviolet-C Sterilisers, NEA Warns That Some Are Unsafe

UVC radiation can cause eye or skin injuries.

Austria Will Fine Unvaccinated People Up To S$5.5K If They Refuse To Get Jabbed

It is the first vaccine mandate announced by a European country.

MOH Refutes Goh Meng Seng’s Claims Of Sponsoring TCM Product Study To Treat Covid-19

MOH offered to sponsor the study but it didn't go ahead.

Lawrence Wong Says Too Soon For 8-Pax Gatherings, Pushing Limits Will Strain Hospital System

Avoiding a reversal of measures is on top of their minds.


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