Dr Tan Cheng Bock Thanks Voters For Support, Urges Young S’poreans To Join Him

He also asked Singaporeans to name the white cat who climbed into his house.

S’pore Has 170 New Covid-19 Cases, 1 Day After GE2020 Ends On 11 Jul

7 cases involve Singaporeans/PRs.

PAP Sees 27% Dip In West Coast GRC, But MacPherson SMC Turning Into Stronghold

PAP saw a 27% dip in West Coast GRC -- the highest in GE2020.

PAP Forms Govt With 61.24% Of Votes, But Loses Sengkang GRC In Key Upset

The PAP won 83 seats out of at total of 93.

WP Wins Aljunied GRC With Vote Share Of 59.93%, Consolidating Their Position In The...

Workers' Party wins Aljunied with a 9% increase since GE2015.

WP Wins Sengkang GRC With 52.13% Of Votes, Some Netizens Want To Move To...

Dr Jamus is now MP Jamus of Sengkang.

WP Wins Hougang SMC With 61.19% Of Votes, Will Extend 29-Year Reign There

Hougang SMC is the longest-held opposition ward.

PAP Wins West Coast GRC With 51.69% Of Votes, Narrowly Defends Stronghold Against Tan...

Dr Tan's PSP team bows out with a slim 3% margin.


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