Ex-Thai PM Thaksin Visits Beef Noodle Stall Named After Him At Harbourfront

Thaksin eats beef noodles. Aroi mak mak!

S’porean Filmmaker Lists 20 Statements & Asks Ministers If They’re Considered Fake News

Filmmaker Martyn See writes open letter to ministers.

Han Hui Hui Confirms She’s 5 Months Pregnant; Signs Were There All Along

Ms Han's baby will be due in April next year.

10 Ong Ye Kung Facts That Show He’s Basically Bro Ye Kung

His days in politics are just starting.

Elderly Man Thinks CPF Retirement Age Is 70; Government Clarifies It’s 65

Those aged 65 can get CPF money, but must apply.

Entire SAF Was Mobilised 27 Years Ago, Due To Joint Military Exercise In Johor

We were celebrating our 26th birthday.

6 Reasons Why The Singapore-Malaysia Water Dispute Is Still Dragging On After 57 Years

We Explain Why Singapore Is Upset About The Water Dispute With Malaysia Being Dug Up Again Why is Singapore so riled up over the price of raw water? Why can't we just pay a few more cents for this headache to go away? Turns out, it's not money, but the significance...

11 Leong Sze Hian Facts To Better Know The Man Countersuing PM Lee

Leong helped produced the movie Ilo Ilo.

Lee Hsien Yang’s Wife Gets 500-Page AGC Letter About Preparing LKY’s Will

Is this drama gonna be on Netflix?


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