IKEA Christmas Buffet On 21 Dec Has Free Flow Meatballs, Salmon & Ham

Freeflow IKEA meatballs & salmon.

Consuming Sky Fruits May Result In Liver Failure, Warns HSA

Be careful when consuming 'sky fruits'.

Woman Finds Maggots In Quail Eggs; NTUC Responds To Claims

Maggots are probably the last thing you hope to see in your quail eggs.

This XXL Packet Of Teh O Peng Will Give You Diabetes Just By Looking...

Our Ministry of Health may not approve.

CNN Praises Cendol From Singapore, But Uses Malaysian Stock Photo

We take food very seriously.

Bedok Stall Sells Ugly Fruits By The Bag For $3-10, Gets Massive Queues

Ugly fruits are perfectly edible.

The Ramen Noodlist Reviews 300+ Instant Noodles & Teaches You How To Zhng Them

Who says instant noodles cannot be #foodporn?

Your Mobile Legends Rank Can Save You 50% At This Restaurant In Indonesia

What are you waiting for? Faster chiong to Mythical Glory rank lah



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