S’porean DJ Jade Rasif Broke Up With Ex Over Drumlets Then Got Him Fired

Hell hath no fury like Jade Rasif scorned.

This Singaporean Hokkien Word List Helps You Follow Every Jack Neo Movie Created

Limpeh's guide to swearing in Hokkien.

Getai Singer Wang Lei Loses Marriage Cert On Bus; Gets It Back After 35...

A lasting 35-year marriage, even without the cert & wedding rings.

Singaporean Saves $5,500 By Not Smoking For 13 Months In Viral Video

Tag someone who needs to know this.

NUH Treats Former First Lady For Blood Cancer; She’s Now In Stable Condition

Swiftest of recoveries, Mrs Yudhoyono.

M’sian Studio Dedicates Hilarious ‘Year Of The Babi’ Video To Rude People

Let's never be double mother-parkers.

Influencer Christabel Chua Turns Her Video Scandal Into A Rallying Call In Open Letter

Christabel Chua Aka BellyWellyJelly Finally Addresses 'That Incident' In May Imagine waking up one day, only to find lewd images of you splashed all over the Internet. You've made the front page. Your privacy violated, your reputation in shatters. To make matters worse, you have no idea who to trust anymore --...

Toll Booth Worker Abused To Tears; Puts On A Smile For Drivers Anyway

Our service staff are humans too.



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