Photo Of Bedok Void Deck ‘With Metal Bars’ Was Taken From A Misleading Angle

There's another 'angle' to every story.

11 Things You Never Knew About K. Shanmugam

Apart from the fact that he's the Law Minister, that is Not much is known about our Law Minister K. Shanmugam, except for the fact that he rarely cracks a smile. In an effort to encourage lifelong learning, we have compiled 11 fast facts about him that you probably never...

20 Everyday Singaporean Items That Look Completely Different Now

Singaporean Items Then And Now A well-known fact about life in Singapore is that change is the only constant. With things being updated so frequently, most of us barely even remember how things looked more than a decade ago, including items we use everyday. Here's a look at 20 everyday items Singaporeans...

Turf Club Dog Adoption Drive On 20 Apr Lets You Bring Home Adorable HDB-Approved...

Give these furry friends a home for eternity.

5 Creepy Dolls Found In Singapore That’ll Scare Even Fans Of Annabelle

Singapore has some pretty spooky doll stories of our own too.

10 Tengah BTO Estate Features That Make It The Bishan Of The West

Modern farmways & car-lite streets.

9 En-Bloc Victims Of 2018 That Are Iconic Singapore Landmarks

9 Million-Dollar En-Bloc Aka 'En-Block' Properties In Singapore If you're born earlier than the 2000s, nostalgia has probably hit home many times this year. Why? 2018 has truly been the year of the En-Bloc -- with at least 14 iconic landmarks in Singapore being put up for collective sale. Here's a list...


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