63-Year-Old Chen Meifeng Shows Why She’s Taiwan’s Hottest Auntie In Stunning Dress During CNY

Chen Meifeng Continues To Impress Fans As ‘Taiwan’s Hottest Auntie’ After Showing Off Slender Physique

Chen Meifeng is undoubtedly one of Taiwan’s hottest actresses above the age of 50. Singaporeans may remember her from the famous 7pm show The Spirits of Love – or Ai in Chinese – which catapulted her to stardom.


Chen recently got back into the spotlight after international media spotted her amazing figure on a Lunar New Year entertainment special.


According to Nextshark, she has been gaining fans from around the world after photos of her looking stunningly slender started to circulate on social media.

Chen Meifeng praised for youthful body

During the Lunar New Year entertainment special, Chen turned up in a skimpy outfit that caught the eye of the international audience.

The gorgeous outfit accentuated the 63-year-old’s impressive figure.


She could have easily fooled anyone into thinking that she was still in her early 40s, as she performed effortlessly alongside dancers that were 3 times younger.


You can watch the full video of her performance here.

Taiwan’s most beautiful auntie

After her recent rise to fame on the international level, Chen has been given multiple names.

One of them that stands out would be the “Taiwan’s most beautiful Obasan” — Obasan is the Japanese term for auntie.

A picture on her Facebook page – posted just 2 months ago – shows the younger side of her, as she adopts a Japanese schoolgirl style.


We think she completely slayed the look.

The secret to youthful looks is drinking ginger soup in the morning

If you didn’t know, the 63-year-old actress was a teenage beauty queen, claiming the crown of Knitwear Beauty Queen at the age of 19.

When asked how she has kept her body so well in shape, she told Daily Mail that she would often drink soup along with a few slices of ginger in them.


She also said although she does not hit the gym often, she has a personal trainer that would come in 1 to 2 times a week so that she can keep fit.


Motivation to people around the world

Chen’s youthful and age-defying body has shown us that age is simply a number and that you can keep your body in shape if you work for it.

Oh, and also, she claims that she is still looking for her Mr Right. So if you think you have what it takes, perhaps you can consider sliding into her DMs.

Featured image adapted form Facebook.

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