‘Circuit Breaker’ Measures To Be Eased In June, May Return If Situation Worsens

Easing of ‘Circuit Breaker’ Measures Has To Be Done In A Careful Manner

While we continue to see hundreds of Covid-19 cases daily, there has been a significant decrease in the number of patients in the community.

In fact, today (12 May) marks the 3rd consecutive day which there have been less than 5 community cases.

884 New Covid-19 Cases On 12 May, Less Than 5 Community Cases For 3rd Day Straight

That same evening, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced that Singapore is “on track” to further ease ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures on 1 Jun.


‘Circuit Breaker’ measures have reduced community cases

According to Mr Gan, the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures which started in early April have reduced the number of community cases in Singapore, reports The Straits Times (ST).

In light of this, the country is looking at easing more of these measures come 1 Jun.

However, the move will be targeted at essential services and will be done in a “very calibrated, careful way”.

More details on the move will be announced in the coming week.

Measures might be tightened if situation worsens

While the easing of measures will no doubt be something that Singaporeans look forward to, the government will continue to keep a close eye on the number of cases.

Should there be a “big surge of cases” after the first round of easing, the move would have to be slowed down and some ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures might have to be reintroduced, said Professor Kenneth Mak during the press conference.

However, if the number of cases “do not spike”, the government will consider rolling back more measures.

Measures must be eased carefully, especially when the seniors are concerned

Minister Lawrence Wong also said that the authorities are studying the effects of allowing some activities — in particular, allowing family members staying in different households to visit one another.

While the desire for many to connect physically is clear, it is vital to approach it cautiously, especially when seniors are concerned, reports ST.


Must be careful when easing ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures

The easing of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures will likely be great news for most Singaporeans.

After all, they have brought inconvenience to our lives have also taken a toll on many of us.

However, as our leaders have mentioned, the easing of such measures must be done in a careful and thoughtful way. One misstep and we may very well find ourselves back in square one.

So let’s all be patient and see through this in a slow but measured way.

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