Clarke Quay’s Free Alcohol & Meat Skewer Deals Let Us Bid 2020 Farewell With No Regrets

Clarke Quay ThirstFree Days Promo Happening Every Sun-Thurs Till 31 Dec

If you type “2020 has been a…” in the Google search bar, the top 4 results are “challenging year”, “tough year”, “a trying year”, “a year of change”. You get the drift.

But we can take comfort in the fact that there’s still much to be thankful for, since most of us are still well and alive.

Since you’re here reading this, you’re probably in need of solid plans to meet up with friends and have a good time together before the year ends.

To make planning easier for you, we’ve scouted some free alcohol and meat skewer deals at Clarke Quay, available from now till 31 Dec.


From free wines and beer to complimentary satay top-ups, those eager to bid 2020 farewell by the river will be spoilt for choice.

Sip fancy alcohol like wine & margaritas at Clarke Quay

Watching Emily live her dream life in Paris on Netflix may inspire us to drink wine at a chic café in France. But for now, the next best thing is sipping wine and margaritas at a cosy spot that overlooks the Singapore River.

At Clarke Quay, lovers of European culture may want to be transported to the Scottish Highlands at Highlander Bar.

There, every main course comes with a free glass of house spirit or wine.

Image courtesy of Highlander Bar

But if a taste of South America is what you’re after, stop by Muchos. You can finish your meal with a glass of Mexican cocktail like margarita — it’s on the house if your total bill exceeds $30.

Image courtesy of Muchos

While savouring modern Asian-Western cuisine at Cicada, the waiter will bring you cranberry vanilla and mint spritzers — free of charge.

Image courtesy of Cicada

Like their names which suggest a cool breeze on a warm day, you can still be the responsible friend who ensures everyone gets home safely even after drinking these.

Bottoms up with house-pour beers & wines

If you’re into Netflix, chances are you’re guilty of curling up in bed watching popular series like Money Heist during the stay-home period.

Dip your toes into the Hispanic world at Cuba Libre Café & Bar, where their hearty Latin American dishes like tacos and Cuban slow-roasted pork belly will have you uttering “hola” and “gracias” for a delicious meal.


Jio fellow Money Heist fans to celebrate the end of the year with, as each person will get a free house-pour spirit with any food order.

Fuss-free alcohol lovers who don’t mind a simple glass of beer or wine can find solace in Octapas. Order any food from the menu, and a serving of house-pour beers or wines awaits you.


Make sure you leave 2020 behind with no regrets, which is totally possible when you have lip-smacking meals to choose from like tapas, sizzling steak, and burgers.

Reminisce the days of weekend BKK trips

By now, we’ve probably heard from our friends countless times how they wish weekend trips to Bangkok were possible again. After all, their grill offerings & street food are affordable and tasty.

Thankfully, Singapore is blessed with an abundance of Thai food. At Clarke Quay, we can clink glasses over pad thai, tom yum, and green curry at Thai-Kun.


That rich green curry could pair well with a glass of beer or wine, which you can get for free with every food order.


To round out the year with our Thailand-loving travel buddies, cheers could be in order. Fingers crossed that we’ll get to spend next year’s holidays on the soil of our northern neighbours instead.

Meet up with friends over meat skewers

Staying on an island like Singapore, we can never get enough vitamin sea, which explains why many of us are in love with paradise beaches like Bali.

Instead of soaking up some sunshine in Indonesia, we can imagine what it’s like to relax there at Bayang, a place that prides itself on quality Balinese cuisine.

Gather your couple friends for a double date, as they are giving 6 sticks of chicken satay to diners who buy over $30 worth of food.

Image courtesy of Bayang

If bae is craving for traditional Chinese cuisine, hop over to Hutong.

Located by the riverside, its traditional decor – complete with huge lanterns – will bring back images of Yanxi Palace where characters dine in ancient taverns or tea houses with a scenic view.

Those who love their meat skewers will get to enjoy 6 skewers comprising lamb, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms. They’re on the house if you spend at least $30 there.

Image courtesy of Clarke Quay

For one night, we’ll let the aromatic flavours of Balinese & Chinese-style meat skewers take us away from 2020’s stresses.

Have a jolly good meal every Sun-Thurs till 31 Dec

From now till 31 Dec, selected eateries at Clarke Quay have free drinks and appetizers from Sundays to Thursdays.

Certain days aren’t included, such as public holidays and their respective eves. But other than that, there’s still quite a lot of time to imbibe and savour grilled meat along the quay.

If your merry feasting with friends results in a $120 bill, you’ll get a $10 eCapitaVoucher for your next shopping haul at participating CapitaLand Mall stores.

Hit that minimum spend between Sunday to Thursday at Clarke Quay, and an extra $5 eCapitaVoucher will be yours.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know to get there.

Clarke Quay
Address: 3 River Valley Road, Singapore 179024
Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay (NE5), Fort Canning (DT20)
Website: Clarke Quay, Facebook, Instagram

Since these deals are valid for dine-in only and for groups within 5 people, it pays to be a socially responsible diner while having a good time with family and friends.

You can find out more about Clarke Quay’s ongoing promos here.

Cheers to a better year ahead

We might not get to travel the globe now, but the diverse array of cuisines along Clarke Quay will delight adventurous palates with intercontinental flavours.

Most of all, we get to catch up and have fun with the people whom we’ve survived the year with. It’s been a wild period, so remember to spare some time for your loved ones and friends who’ve kept you going.

Let’s raise a glass to those who were there for us, and say cheers to a better year ahead with zero regrets.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Clarke Quay.

Featured image adapted from Eatbook & courtesy of Clarke Quay.

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