Photographer Captures Cats Of Dakota Crescent In Wes Anderson-esque Stills

After the last residents moved out of Dakota Crescent, all that was left were abandoned furniture and empty homes. Photographer Nguan injected some life back into the estate via his picture of cats there yesterday (19 Sep).


His album moved many, garnering over 1,000 shares at the time of writing.

Dakota Crescent cats the few signs of life there

With nobody else around, Nguan was able to photograph the cats in various poses, unbothered by noise or human presence.

This cat, for example, seemed as if it was looking forlornly at the blocks of flats.


Another stood on the steps and turned back, as though waiting for someone to come along and head home with it.


A few that made it to the upper floors found comfort in resting outside of the few occupied units, perhaps enjoying the company of humans.


You can almost feel the sense of peace and tranquility emanating from these photos.

Beautiful photos of a quiet neighbourhood

Having cats as the central subject of his photos adds a different air of a kind of fantasy to the otherwise regular Singaporean neighbourhood.


Instead of a bustling estate with residents milling about, cats randomly appear in quiet spots, like the silent guardians of Dakota Crescent.


Perhaps they’d be a draw for cat lovers who may also be thirsting for adventure in our concrete jungle. Just remember to treat the felines with care.

Cats add colour to abandoned estate

Though some flats seems to show signs of occupants, these cats still appear to be the more prominent residents of Dakota Crescent.

Hopefully once a new development starts taking over the area, the furry creatures will be able to find a home nearby.


Till that happens, let’s hope they’ll lead happy and contented lives there, with enough food and shelter.

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