Woodlands Industrial Park Strays In Need Of New Cat Feeder To Survive

The case for community cat feeders still divides many, but we can’t deny that caring for living creatures is a noble gesture.

Many who selflessly do so carry out their activities quietly, like a cat feeder who has been looking after a few strays in the Woodlands Industrial Park area.

Unfortunately, flying under the radar also meant that nobody knew when she faced any trouble, like a serious accident.

Woodlands cat feeder hit by lorry in serious accident

On Tuesday evening (15 Sep), Facebook group Singapura Kucing For Adoption posted an urgent appeal.


Relaying the message on behalf of the community cat feeder, the admin shared how the feeder is now in a comatose state after being hit by a lorry.

Previously caring for over 30 cats in the area alone, the accident has left the felines without a regular carer.

Appeal for temp feeders & sterilisation fees

Since taking on the task alone would be a tall order, the admin is appealing for individuals who are keen on helping to get in touch.

They’ll have to be available to feed the cats in the evening or at night. No need to worry about the cat’s food, as that will be provided.


In addition to manpower, they’re also seeking donations to fund the cats’ sterilisation fees.

The population in that area has allegedly multiplied in recent years, and help from the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) is not enough.

Cats not safe in high-risk area

Since the cats are in an industrial area, the helpless creatures are susceptible to injuries and accidents.

3 little kittens have unfortunately already been “crushed to death by heavy vehicles.”


A few adult cats meanwhile are pregnant, and one has given birth, meaning more babies at risk of losing their lives.

Worried for their survival, the admin is thus seeking urgent assistance.

Get in touch to offer help

Whether you’d like to offer manpower or money, you can contact Singapura Kucing For Adoption via Facebook here.

Hopefully, the cats will receive the love and care they need to get by, and maybe even find a proper forever home.

As for the feeder, our thoughts go out to her loved ones, and we hope she’ll be able to pull through and see her beloved kitties again.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.