Cashier Appeals For Members Of Public To Buy Only What They Need

As Singaporeans get increasingly alarmed over the past weeks about the Wuhan coronavirus, many have since stocked up on supplies like surgical masks, hand sanitisers, and alcohol swabs. Snaking queues for these necessities could be seen forming outside shops.

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However, not everyone queueing may not be in actual need of items like alcohol swabs.

On Wednesday (5 Feb), a pharmaceutical shop assistant’s story was posted on Just Keep Thinking.

In it, she urged members of the public to not unnecessarily stock up on such supplies.


Diabetic customer could not buy swabs as it’s sold out

In the post, the shop assistant shared that a diabetic customer recently patronised the shop to buy alcohol swabs.


To his horror, all the swabs were sold out.

The diabetic patient tried explaining his condition, but all the staff could say was “so sorry, but really no more stocks already”.

That presumably has to do with the bulk-buying that many Singaporeans have gone on recently, in light of the Wuhan coronavirus.

This shocked and angered the customer,

So small, want to use to clean table?? For the hand also not enough. Depriving stocks for those who really need it?!!

Diabetics need to disinfect for injections

According to HealthXchange, insulin injections help to keep diabetics patients’ blood glucose levels stable.


Failing to do so can cause their blood glucose levels to fluctuate.

To disinfect their skin before the injection, patients commonly use alcohol swabs.

Don’t buy what you don’t need

We hope that this serves as a timely reminder not to go overboard when buying medical necessities.

The current situation might be serious, but for items like alcohol swabs, clearing an entire stock might deprive a person in more urgent need, potentially putting their health at risk.

Let’s be more mindful and considerate towards one others.

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