Lot One Shoppers Queue For Surgical Masks Because Of Wuhan Virus, Could Only Buy 10 Each

Lot One Shoppers Could Only Purchase 10 Masks Per Person At Unity Pharmacy

As the Singapore government implements more protective measures to safeguard the country against a potential outbreak, Singaporeans are also taking the situation seriously.

On Monday (27 Jan), a MS News reader spotted a snaking queue at an NTUC Unity Pharmacy.

Instead of lining up for free items, people were queuing to buy surgical masks, in light of the rise in Wuhan virus cases.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Lot One Unity Pharmacy queue was as long as 2-3 storefronts

The MS News reader spotted the queue at around 12.45pm outside Unity Pharmacy on the basement level of Lot One Shoppers’ Mall.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Around 20-30 shoppers were queueing patiently in the line which stretched along the length of 2 to 3 storefronts.


Here’s another look at the queue, which comprised both young and old shoppers.

Image from WhatsApp

Separately, the MS News reader spotted a bottle of hand sanitiser available for shoppers to use, indicative of the extra caution people are taking.

Image from a MS News reader

NTUC Unity Pharmacy only allowed 10 masks per customer

Earlier in the day, NTUC Fairprice – the parent company of Unity Pharmacy – issued an announcement via its Facebook page, informing customers that they could only purchase 10 pieces of face masks each.


This is to ensure that every household can get their fair supply of protective masks.

NTUC Fairprice also reassured customers that face masks will continue to be available in stores and at an affordable price, despite the spike in demand.

This is in line with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) statement last week, which claims the nation has “more than a sufficient” amount of N95 masks in a stockpile.

MOH also claims that there’s an excess of “6 months of usage” for other items, which includes surgical masks.

Hence, Singaporeans need not panic and should refrain from stocking up or panic buying.

Remember to practise good hygiene

While there’s no harm in buying a few masks to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus, perhaps there’s no need to purchase in bulk, since that would also rob others of the opportunity to snag it for themselves.

In addition to wearing masks and other protective equipment, perhaps the most important precautionary measure is to practise good hygiene.

Featured image courtesy of an MS News reader and adapted from Facebook

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